Wuhan Pneumonia Spreads To 2 Major China Cities, Travellers Will Be Screened At Changi Airport

China Reports 139 New Wuhan Pneumonia Cases As Virus Spreads To Beijing & Guangdong

The outbreak of a mysterious strain of pneuomonia in Wuhan, China, in Dec 2019 has sent waves of panic across the region.

The similarity to the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) which shocked many in 2003 is fuelling concerns surrounding the new coronavirous, which is confounding even experts.

As of late, the virus has claimed 3 lives, and spread to major cities Beijing and Guangdong. On 20 Jan, China reported 139 new cases, according to Channel NewsAsia (CNA).

Tongji Hospital in Wuhan

3 new cases from Beijing & Guangdong

CNA reports that Chinese officials have confirmed the discovery of the virus in Beijing and Guangdong, which have 2 and 1 cases respectively.

The revelation marks the first of such cases outside of the Wuhan province.

Beijing health authorities explained that the 2 patients had travelled to Wuhan and received treatment for pneumonia upon their return.

Despite possible links to the virus, they’re currently in stable condition.

136 pneumonia cases in Wuhan alone

Meanwhile, CNA states that Wuhan health authorities have issued a statement revealing their discovery of 136 new cases.

What’s worrying is that many of these don’t seem to trace back to the Huanan seafood market, where the World Health Organisation (WHO) claims the outbreak started from.


Currently, 170 people in Wuhan are receiving treatment at hospitals, with 9 in critical condition.

China may likely detect more cases with plans for broader screening, according to scientists at the Imperial College in London.

Although some experts claim that the new virus may not be as dangerous as SARS, the virality between humans is still unknown.

Singapore screening Wuhan passengers

According to CNA, Singapore’s airport authorities are screening the temperatures of passengers arriving from Wuhan.


Medical practitioners are also on standby to detect “suspected cases with pneumonia who have recently returned from Wuhan”, according to the Ministry of Health (MOH). They will be isolated as a precaution to prevent transmission.

Seek medical help if sick

MOH advises those travelling to Wuhan “to monitor their health closely”. They should seek medical help as soon as possible once they feel unwell.

As a safety precaution, they should avoid contact with live animals. Raw and undercooked meats should not be consumed too.

Whether you’re in Singapore or China, it’s wise to regularly wash your hands with soap.

We hope that everyone can stay safe and healthy regardless of where you are.

Featured image adapted from Weibo and Facebook.

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