Real-Life WWE Casino Fight Between Uncles Goes Viral In Singapore

Fight Broke Out In Casino Between Tattooed Uncle & Caucasian Man

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a company that is famous for its professional wrestling acts.

Many may know that the matches are merely performances but there are some who take things a little too seriously.

A video of two men brawling at a casino (9 Apr) has been going viral in Singapore.

You can view the full video here.

Uncle rips off his shirt

At the start of the video, everything seemed fine as the two men were seen casually talking to each other.

Just like any WWE match, it looked like two of them were ‘trash-talking’ each other.

However, things escalated quickly as the uncle tears off his shirt exposing his full body of ang kong.


Does the move look familiar? We think so too.


Uncle strangles ang mo

The uncle seems to truly believe in striking hard and striking first as he immediately goes for his opponent’s neck.

A woman can be seen stepping away from the two brawlers. Based on the video, she looks like the ang mo man’s tag team partner.


Ang mo uses a reversal

Unfortunately, it seems like the age gap can’t be overcome with just heart as the uncle is quickly overwhelmed.


This left the poor uncle disoriented and fumbling around.


Finisher: Sweet Chin Music

Like every WWE match, it can’t end without a finisher move. For the Caucasian man, his preferred move seems to be the Sweet Chin Music.


For those that don’t know what the Sweet Chin Music is, here is a proper example done by Shawn Michaels, the man that made it famous.


We don’t know who won the fight but we hope none of them were seriously injured.

Video going viral in Singapore

Though the casino fight is now making waves in Singapore, this did not happen locally. Based on the description of the video and the carpet design, it is highly unlikely that this is at Marina Bay Sands Casino.

In fact, this didn’t even happen recently. A little digging brought us to what we believe as the original post dated 8 Jan this year.

For what it’s worth, at least this seems like a fairer fight than the one at Roxy Square Carpark.

Featured image from YouTube.

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