Youths Gather At Yishun Playground & Makeshift Lepak Area Till Late, Furniture Removed Following Notice

Youths Allegedly Gather & Create Nightly Ruckus At Yishun Estate

Our neighbourhoods should be peaceful spaces for us to relax and unwind.

However, that has not been the case for residents in Yishun, whose peace and quiet have allegedly been disrupted by noisy youths at night.

Residents who have noticed the youths gathering daily around the estate at night have reported the situation to Nee Soon Town Council.

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According to the resident, some youths even set up a lepak or hangout area at the multi-storey carpark, complete with two sofas.

Youths loiter around Yishun estate till early morning

Speaking to MS News, the resident, who requested to remain anonymous, shared that the gatherings have been occurring near Melody Spring Estate in Yishun.

The group of youths usually gather from around 10pm until 3am at the estate’s playground, carpark, and staircase.

Each time, they would allegedly create a significant amount of noise to inconvenience nearby residents, which includes laughing, talking, clapping, cheering, and playing songs from a speaker.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

Additionally, the youths placed several pieces of furniture on the 7th level of the multi-storey carpark to create a lepak space of sorts.

Image courtesy of MS News reader

The pieces of furniture include two grey sofas, an off-white chair, red carpets, five yellow chairs, and a black table.

The reader stated that the gatherings started on 13 Mar and have continued since then. They last saw the youths on 18 Mar.

Incidents reported to Nee Soon Town Council

The reader told MS News that Melody Spring Estate’s residents have reported the sightings to Nee Soon Town Council and the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

However, when SPF officers went down to investigate, the youths allegedly fled the scene and returned after the officers left.

Fortunately, the Town Council has confirmed that they are aware of the developing situation.

Following the reports, they put up a notice for removal of the furniture in the area.

In a statement to MS News on Wednesday (22 Mar), a spokesperson from Nee Soon Town Council shared that the youths have since cooperated and removed the furniture.

Image courtesy of Nee Soon Town Council

Yishun youths cooperate after noise complaints

Thankfully, the group cooperated following the Town Council’s notice.

Now that the space has been cleared out, we hope that the residents nearby can enjoy a good night’s rest.

Let this be a reminder to all of us to be considerate neighbours.

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Featured image courtesy of MS News reader.

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