Yoshinoya Rice Bowls Come In 6 Flavours

Fast and instant food is key in today’s F&B landscape.

Many establishments have noticed this and have launched products that allow customers to consume food without much of a hassle.

Latest to the ‘instant’ craze is Yoshinoya – the Japanese eatery famous for their bentos – which recently launched instant rice bowls that are ready to eat without any cooking.


6 flavours available

In their venture into the ‘instant realm’, Yoshinoya has not sacrificed on variety.

Yoshinoya’s canned rice bowls are available in 6 flavours, so you can have a different one for every day of the week. Have your favourite again on the seventh day.


Standard beef bowl:


Yakiniku beef:


Yakitori chicken:


Standard pork bowl:


Ginger pork:


Salted grilled mackerel:


These rice bowls come ready-to-eat and require no extra cooking.

Uses brown rice

The “rice” in “rice bowls” may turn heads for those who are carb-conscience.

Well, don’t be too quick to judge.

Yoshinoya’s rice bowls contain brown rice that are more nutritious as compared to conventional white rice.

This means you can have these rice bowls without worrying about your diet.

S$10.10 per bowl

That said, they aren’t going to come cheap.

These rice bowls are currently available on Yoshinoya’s website at S$61.57 (¥4,860) for 6 bowls, which roughly converts to S$10.10 per bowl.

The salted mackerel version is slightly cheaper at S$58.15 for a bundle of 6 bowls (¥4,590).

Only available in Japan, as of now, unless you ballin

Sadly, it appears that these rice bowl are only available in Japan, at the time of writing.

However, one Carousell user appears to be selling them, albeit at a much steeper price.


Well, you’ve got to factor in the transportation costs right?

Hope they will be sold in Singapore soon!

We have reached out to Yoshinoya Singapore to enquire if these instant rice bowls will be made avaialble here anytime soon. #PrayForRiceBowls

Meanwhile, guess we can only head on down to their physical stores to satisfy our bento cravings!

If not, eat cai png lor. 

Featured image from Yoshinoya and Yoshinoya