YouTuber Loses Bag On Flight To S’pore & Rallies Support Online, Finds It In The Philippines

YouTuber Loses Bag After Flight From Malaysia To Singapore

Of all the things that could go wrong on a trip, losing your luggage might just top the list.

Malaysian YouTuber @sofyank96 recently shared an unfortunate experience — another passenger on his flight allegedly took his bag by mistake. What made it worse is that the bag contained a hard disk which had an important video project.

Luckily for the content creator, the online community came through and he was eventually able to locate his precious belongings.

YouTuber loses bag on flight to Singapore after passenger likely mistakes it for his own

On Thursday (25 May), Sofian landed at Changi Airport while aboard a FlyScoot plane from Malaysia.

Source: Bloomberg. Photo for illustration purposes only.

Instead of a smooth transit from the plane to the airport, he found that someone had accidentally taken his carry-on.

Desperate to retrieve his belongings, the YouTuber turned to Twitter and Facebook in a plea for help.

In his initial tweet, he asked his followers to spread the message “until that person notices”.

Source: Twitter

In the following tweets, Sofian shared that the bag contained important essentials like his “wallet, laptop, and hard disk containing unpublished project files and videos”.

He then shared that when he visited the lost and found department, he saw a familiar backpack that might have belonged to the other passenger.

Source: Now Boarding – Changi Airport. Photo for illustration purposes only.

Thankfully, Sofian had an AirTag in his wallet, which allowed him to track his bag’s location.

At about 10.30am the next day, he received a notification that the bag was at Clark International Airport in the Philippines.

Source: Twitter

Locates his bag in the Philippines a day after he loses it

On Friday (26 May), a delighted Sofian shared on Facebook that he’s managed to contact the passenger with his bag.

In the post, he thanked his online community and Clark International Airport for their cooperation.

Apparently, some of his followers had even spread the word to their friends in the Philippines for help.

As it turns out, Sofian’s original Twitter post garnered over 24,000 retweets, while his Facebook post has about 2,500 shares.

YouTuber will be reunited with his valuables soon

What was a nightmare situation turned out to be a wholesome story about the power of social media.

Thanks to the cooperation of the online community and the airport, Sofian managed to locate his belongings within a day.

Kudos to the savvy YouTuber for also having the foresight to have an AirTag in his wallet. Hopefully, he will be able to return to his work as soon as he receives his belongings.

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