ZEBRA Clearance Sale Happening At HOUZE Paya Lebar Till 31 Dec

Growing up in an Asian household, most of us are probably used to seeing shiny kitchenware affixed with a familiar animal that’s black and white.

ZEBRA – the iconic brand that fronts the unmistakable assortment of stainless steel pots & crockery – aka every mum’s must-have in the kitchen.

Zebra potSource

If the sole ZEBRA container at home is getting a little overused by your fam, you might wanna alert them about the chance to cop more at an ongoing warehouse sale in Paya Lebar.

HOUZE has 40% off on all ZEBRA kitchenware including dabao containers – or tingkat in Malay – pans and flasks till 31 Dec, while stocks last.

Zebra potsImage courtesy of HOUZE

The end of the year is nigh, festive gatherings abound. So if one dabao container isn’t enough to bring mum’s signature homecooked pasta to a friend’s potluck, the time to stock up is now.

ZEBRA food carriers bring food to parties

We often see mums and aunts carrying their trusty dabao containers to a cai png stall, determined to lug back rice and a variety of dishes to feed the whole fam.

Apart from taking food away, these tiffin carriers will come in handy when you’re heading to a few potlucks every other weekend this month.

Zebra food carrierZebra Food Carrier 14×3 – $13.14 (UP: $21.90)
Image courtesy of HOUZE

If your mum is the kind to go all out and prepare 3 side dishes to accompany a meal, this 3-tiered carrier will be the perfect vessel to contain all that.

Zebra saleImage courtesy of HOUZE

Now she can flaunt the 3 types of side dishes she has whipped up, even though ah ma only asked her to bring one.

ZEBRA pots & pans make practical gifts

Since Chinese New Year arrives early next year, your relatives may be looking for new cookware for family dinners if their current utensils have been worn out during Christmas meal preps.

With a ZEBRA saucepot going for $20, watch your aunt’s eyes twinkle when you present it to her as a gift.

Sauce potZebra Sauce Pot 22cm – $20.34 (UP: $33.90)
Image courtesy of HOUZE

Perhaps this is what she requires to cook more hearty ABC soups for her kids.

Pots at Zebra saleImage courtesy of HOUZE

If she’s a more adventurous culinarian at home, a ZEBRA saucepan would suit her needs better. She can boil, steam, and stir-fry her way through homecooked meals to keep your uncle and cousins happy.

Sauce panZebra Sauce Pan (H) 16cm – $24.12 (UP: $40.20)
Image courtesy of HOUZE

The pan grip – being heat resistant – will let her comfortably grasp it when having to broil pasta sauce or beef stew.

ZEBRA vacuum flasks to keep coffee perpetually hot

The current rainy weather is the closest thing we’ll get to a cold Christmas here. On nights we have 22°C temperature, some of us may like to sip on hot tea and pretend that it’s winter outside.

To keep beverages hot for several hours, an insulated flask – going for about $21 – will do the trick.

Zebra Vacuum Flask & Mug Estio Buddy – $20.94 (UP: $34.90)
Image courtesy of HOUZE

The set even comes with a mug, so you can still pour and savour the earthy aroma of the kopi C kosong you ordered earlier this morning.

Since it’s stainless steel, you could very well be sticking with this flask for a good decade before having to switch.

Jamie Oliver’s vintage gift sets for everyday use

We may know Jamie Oliver for his cooking show, his atas Italian restaurant at VivoCity, and now as the dude who cooks egg fried rice with chilli jam in a saucepan.


Though his unorthodox approach to Asian cuisine has gotten all of us raising eyebrows, you can check out his classy gift sets for Christmas.

Cutlery setImage courtesy of HOUZE

The Jamie Oliver Vintage Cutlery Set is going for about $22, and it features a gleaming silver fork and spoon that’ll dazzle your friend who’s hosting the next Christmas gathering.

Cutlery serving setJamie Oliver Vintage Cutlery Serving Set – $22.14 (UP: $36.90)
Image courtesy of HOUZE

Bonus: The fork even doubles up as a spork. This way, you can scoop up flavourful sauce of a lasagne after effortlessly prying loose baked cheese and meat apart.

With an abundance of food to fill our bellies, we’ll be in need of enough liquids to wash it all down. A massive acrylic jug lets you serve the fam and dinner guests enough lemonade for the rest of the night.

Acrylic jugJamie Oliver San Acrylic Jug at $16.14 (UP: $26.90)
Image courtesy of HOUZE

On normal days, you could even use the jug as your primary source of water in your WFH nook.

Image courtesy of HOUZE

This saves you the trouble of dashing to the kitchen to rehydrate when you’re chiong-ing to meet deadlines.

Kitchen essentials & party needs on sale at HOUZE Paya Lebar

Whether you’re planning a grand Christmas feast or just doing a kitchen makeover, the ZEBRA sale will have all the sparkling new cutlery you need.

Since the dates for Christmas and Chinese New Year are close to each other, you can also scour for party needs there.

You can find biodegradable plates and cutlery, which will make hosting feasts easier since there’ll be less dishes to do after you’re done. For chill nights with your BFFs, look for BBQ & beer sets, as well as decanters to let that fancy red wine breathe.

Wine decanter setSpiegelau Decanter set of 5 at $51.54 (UP: $85.90)
Image courtesy of HOUZE

Looking at what’s expected at the sale, you may have to gear up with shopping carts and reusable bags before heading down. Here’s what you need to know to get there.

HOUZE Warehouse Sale, Paya Lebar Quarter Mall
Date: From now till 31 Dec
Time: 10am-10pm daily
Address: 10 Paya Lebar Rd, #03-14, Singapore 409057
Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar Station

Now that it’s the season of giving, ask bae or your fam to join you as they might need to scour for some essentials of their own.

Image courtesy of HOUZE

You’ll have more arms to carry all your loot home together anyway.

Staying well-prepared for festive feasts ahead

Making a Christmas gathering successful is no mean feat, even if it’s something simple like a potluck.

With extra dabao containers in hand, you can bring more food to all the gatherings you’re invited to, like your BFF’s beloved pasta or your uncle’s favourite bak kut teh.

As Singaporeans like to say, food is the ingredient that binds us all together.

We hope you’ll have a wonderful holiday season, filled with warm meals and joyous gatherings with family and friends.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with HOUZE.

Featured image courtesy of HOUZE.