Partial Solar Eclipse To Occur In Singapore On 21 Jun

Here’s something to look forward to other than meeting friends again in Phase 2 — a partial solar eclipse happening this Sunday (21 Jun).

This eclipse will be an annular Solar Eclipse, occurring when the moon comes into alignment between the Sun and the Earth.

While this phenomenon can be observed in many places around the world in full, here in Singapore, we’ll just be getting a bite-sized version of it.

‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse visible in other countries

While people in parts of China, Africa, India and Pakistan will get to experience the full annual solar eclipse, we will get something slightly different.


Almost like a nibbled cookie, the maximum eclipse we will see will look something like this.


As an annular Solar Eclipse, the annular phase would typically show the moon covering the Sun, leaving a gorgeous ‘ring of fire’ in the sky, just like we saw in December 2019.

Rare Solar Eclipse Unites Thousands On Streets, Shows S’poreans Got New Pastime Other Than Queuing

However, due to our altitude and direction, we here in Singapore will just be getting a sliver of a sneak peek.


Starting at around 3.04pm, the entire process will take approximately 1 hour 50 minutes. The maximum eclipse, where the moon is closest to the centre of the Sun, will occur at 4.03pm.

However, in spite of this, seeing such a phenomenon is an interesting experience nonetheless.

Protect your eyes & have some fun

Despite the global phenomenon is only a partial one for us, you will still need protection for your eyes if you’re planning on capturing a shot.

In fact, you will need it all the more. This is due to the fact that since it’s observed only as a partial solar eclipse, more of the sun will be exposed. We don’t want those harsh rays scorching our retinas, do we?

So once you get your shades, grab your friends and family — in groups of no more than 5 of course, and witness this amazing work of nature this Sunday.

Featured image adapted from Discover JB.