Man Freaks Out After Lift Shows He’s Going Down From 29th Floor At 16-Storey HDB

Lift Sign Shows 29th Floor In 16-Storey Pasir Ris HDB

Singapore is home to plenty of absurd incidents, from alleged UFO sightings earlier this month to ghostly figures appearing on Upper Thomson Road.

Hence, it’s understandable why a man felt spooked when he entered a lift that showed he was on the 29th floor despite being in a 16-story flat.

In a video posted to TikTok, a man is seen in an elevator for an HDB block where the highest level is the 16th floor.


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He then turns the camera towards the display above the lift doors, showing him moving towards the 29th floor.

The video has become viral on Tiktok, gaining more than 2,600 comments and 5,000 shares.

Man freaks out in lift reaching 29th floor

On 19 Mar, a TikTok video features a man panicking in the elevator seemingly headed in the wrong direction.

The OP shows that the lift is in a building with only 16 levels.


He then points at the display above the elevator doors, which shows that it is at Block 746, Pasir Ris, and is going down.


However, the levels displayed convey that the lift is passing through the 25th to 29th floor.

The OP freaks out and is heard shouting over the video, “Where I going?”

Netizens poke fun at the lift

The video amused netizens. Many have commented that the lift might have just taken the OP to hell.



The elevator has even been called the ‘hellevator.’


Furthermore, multiple commenters have pointed out that such a situation seems ‘lifted’ straight out of their nightmares.




However, others have found the light in the situation. One netizen tells the OP that he might be going to another universe, while another calls it the ‘multiverse’.



Several commenters have also asked the man for an update as he has not been seen online after posting the video.

We hope that the OP is safe

It is certainly strange for a lift in a 16-storey building to be going to levels above the 20th floor. But the sign could have just been out of order.

We certainly hope the OP of the video is safe after visiting the multiverse on this ‘hellevator’.

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Featured image adapted from Tiktok.
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