Temperature Hits 31.8°C In Multiple Parts Of S’pore On 10 May Morning, Day Could Get Hotter

Warmer Weather Continues In Singapore As Multiple Areas Record High Of 31.8°C

There’s no doubt that the weather in Singapore has been extra scorching and humid lately, especially since we’re transitioning from one monsoon to the next.

In April, Woodlands recorded the highest temperature of the month at 36.1 degrees Celsius.

Now, as we’re almost halfway through the month of May, we could come close to breaking that record as the temperature may soar to up to 35 degrees Celsius today (10 May).

As of 10am, the weather has already gone into warmer territory, with 31.8 degrees Celsius recorded at a few locations in Singapore.

Maximum temperatures of 34°C to 35°C forecasted for next few days

A look at the weather forecast on the National Environment Agency (NEA) website shows that temperatures today could range from 27 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius.

The day is expected to be fair and warm, with light showers scattered across Singapore.

Over the next four days from Thursday to Sunday, this trend will likely continue as highs of 34 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius are predicted.

However, there will be thundery showers in the afternoons as well.

Temperatures could also sink as low as 24 degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday.

For today’s weather, 26.9 degrees Celsius in Sembawang has been the lowest temperature recorded so far.

On the warmer end, the current highest is 31.8 degrees Celsius at multiple locations across Singapore.

Weather in Singapore may feel like 41°C today at its highest

Due to factors like wind speed, humidity levels, and the amount of sunlight, the actual temperature may often feel hotter than it actually is.

According to a forecast on Time and Date, the temperature may feel like a blistering 41 degrees Celsius by this afternoon when it hits 33 degrees Celsius.

At the time of writing, the “feels like” temperature is already 38 degrees Celsius, despite the actual temperature being 31 degrees Celsius.

As usual, the heat might only let up towards the evening as temperatures could dip to 28 degrees Celsius then.

However, the humidity’s rise to 82% then will make it feel like 33 degrees Celsius. As such, we still have to brace ourselves for more sweaty nights ahead.

Warmer weather to persist through first half of May in Singapore

The continuing heat comes as no surprise since the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) had stated that warm and humid weather is to be expected in the first half of the month.

Source: Benjamin Schneider on Unsplash

In a media advisory dated 2 May, it said that inter-monsoon conditions will “persist”.

It also emphasised the fact that May is normally one of the hottest months of the year.

Maximum daily temperatures may reach 34 degrees Celsius on most afternoons. On days with less cloud cover, it could go up to 35 degrees Celsius.

Frequent afternoon thundery showers are also predicted, and MSS attributed them to “strong daytime heating of land areas”.

Stay hydrated, apply sunscreen religiously

While we can’t control the weather, we can try to minimise the potential damage of extra-strong UV rays.

Aside from taking cover by staying indoors, it’s important to keep up our daily water intake as well.

The last thing anyone wants is to get dehydrated, which could open up a Pandora’s box of health issues.

Hot weather or otherwise, we should also remember to apply sunscreen to protect our skin.

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Featured image adapted from Benjamin Schneider on Unsplash.

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