ART Kits Sell For Around $5/Kit On Shopee, Now Priced More Competitively

$5 ART Kits Selling On Shopee

In November, we reported that newer and cheaper Covid-19 ART kits would be coming to Singapore soon.

Although a date was never specified, a few ART kits have started popping up on Shopee recently.

Manufactured by Abbott Panbio, these test kits come in bundles of 4, 10 and 20.

Although their prices differ for each bundle, an average cost of 1 ART kit would come to around $4.85.

This is a huge drop in price from $20 for 2 kits just a few weeks ago.

Abbott Panbio ART kits sold in bundles of 4,10 & 20

These cheaper ART kits were spotted for sale on Shopee, selling in bundles of 4, 10, and 20.

Each kit costs roughly around $5 if we average out the costs for a single test kit.


This will put the Abbott Panbio kits as one of the cheapest in Singapore currently and a far cry from the previously priced $20 for 2 kits from SD BioSensor.

Previous prices were commercially based

Earlier this month, Minister Ong said we can expect these cheaper ART kits to arrive in Singapore soon.

Though the exact date wasn’t mentioned, he said we can expect these kits to cost below $10 and possibly below $5.

It is interesting to note that Mr Ong also mentioned that the previous prices were commercially based.

Seeing as though there is a government-approved ART kit available for such a low price, perhaps other brands will follow suit.

In that way, more people will be able to access these test kits.

More people will have access to testing

Even though the government is gradually loosening restrictions, testing remains imperative during the pandemic, especially with the emergence of the Omicron variant.

Hopefully, this lowering of prices will incentivise more folks to test themselves regularly.

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Featured image adapted from Shopee.

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