New Covid-19 ART Kits That Cost Below $10 Will Be Available In S’pore Soon

New Covid-19 ART Kits Expected To Be “Well Below” $5

As Covid-19 testing is crucial towards Singapore’s strategy of treating the virus as an endemic, the Government has been handing out free antigen rapid test (ART) kits to all households.

However, those who wish to get more would have to buy them, which can cost quite a sum.

Since the price is not the most wallet-friendly, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung announced that new and more affordable ART kits would be available soon.

The kits are expected to be “well below” $10 and could even be below $5.

New affordable Covid-19 ART kits will be available in Singapore soon

Singapore has been distributing free ART kits to all households and extra ones from vending machines for those who received a Health Risk Warning Order (HRWO).

However, many who need additional kits have been asking for more affordable ones. At the moment, ART kits are priced at around $20 for 2 at local stores.

Thus, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has been working with the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) to bring in ART kits with lower prices and good quality.

During the MTF press conference on Monday (15 Nov), Minister Ong said we can expect these kits to arrive in Singapore soon.

Though the exact date wasn’t mentioned, he said we can expect these kits to cost below $10 and possibly below $5.

2 more ART kits pending approval

One of the new self-test kits authorised is called Flowflex. Minister Ong mentioned it was approved by the Pandemic Special Access Route (PSAR) last week for self-test use.


Flowflex is produced by American company Acon Laboratories and is currently available in both the US and Britain. As for when Flowflex would be available for purchase, no other information was revealed.

Additionally, another 2 ART kits of quality standards have been approved to undergo PSAR registration.

All 3 kits will be more reasonably priced as compared to the current prices of ART kits. While Minister Ong hopes the kits would cost below $5 each, he mentioned the pricing remains a commercial decision.

Important for self-testing kits to remain affordable

Since Covid-19 self-testing kits are pivotal to detecting undiagnosed infections, they must remain affordable and accessible to all.

Hence, we’re glad the Government has taken in feedback from the public to offer cheaper alternatives to the public.

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Featured image adapted from cnmonline and Korea JoongAng Daily

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