90-year-old man in China dies peacefully shortly after saying ‘I am going to die’

90-year-old man in China dies peacefully not long after he said he was going to die

Not long after a 90-year-old man in Jiangxi, China uttered the words “I am going to die”, he passed away peacefully in his home.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning (14 April), Xiao Xiang Morning News reported.

According to the deceased’s family, he did not suffer from any major illnesses throughout his life.

Son discovers father’s body in China home

Speaking to reporters from the Chinese news site, the elderly man’s daughter-in-law, Ms Xiao (transliterated from Chinese), shared that he woke up around 6.50am that morning.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage captured him walking slowly to his house door. He opened it at 6:53am.

Thereafter, he sat down on a chair by the door.

At about 7.27am, the man said he was going to die, and did so shortly after.

His son only discovered the body at around 7.55am.

Initially, the younger man, Mr Huang (transliterated from Chinese), thought that his father had fallen asleep on the chair.

He only realised that his father had passed after feeling that his body was cold to the touch.

Was still seemingly healthy and articulate a day before his passing

Ms Xiao highlighted that the deceased sustained a fall around a week before the incident, but walked away with a minor shoulder fracture.

The day before his passing, he was also chatting with his eldest son for over an hour. During their conversation, he could articulate himself clearly.

She further pointed out that the deceased’s sons had recently developed a routine to take turns caring for him.

Nonetheless, he was still mostly independent.

“You can still see his figure when you turn on the monitor, but in reality he’s already separated from us forever,” Ms Xiao said. “I can’t believe it.”

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Featured image adapted from Xiao Xiang Morning News

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