Abandoned Dog Was Brought To A Vet And Found To Have Heart Murmurs

Every now and then, a story surfaces on social media about pets being tragically abandoned by their owners.

On Monday (8 Jul), a Mag Rappa found a dog abandoned at Geylang with all her belongings.


As Mag wanted to know if the dog – whom she had named Bella – had any health conditions, so she sent her to a vet for a checkup.

The visit revealed that Bella had heart murmurs and dry eyes which require constant medical care — all of which Mag is currently paying for.

Given the hefty expenses, Mag is currently looking for donations and someone who can adopter Bella, in the long run.


Found with toys and containers at Geylang stairwell

According to the Facebook post, the dog was found with all her belongings at what seems like a stairwell in Geylang.


She was accompanied by 2 bags which contained toys and containers.

The owner presumably couldn’t take care of the dog and abandoned Bella with her belongings, hoping someone else would take care of her.

Vet visit reveals heart mumurs

Upon discovering Bella, Mag sent her to the vet to check on her health condition, which showed that she has heart murmurs and dry eyes.

So if you plan to adopt her, take note that Bella needs daily medical care.

Doggo in diapers

Here are more information about Bella:

  • 7-8 years old
  • Sweet and friendly
  • Not potty trained
  • Not grass trained

Mag also found that Bella has been microchipped. However, after making a report to the AVA, they told her that the owners had “disconnected the number”.

Looking for donations and adopter

As the costs of taking care of the dog are growing, Mag is seeking donations from members of the public.

Information on how to make a donation can be found in the Facebook post.

Eventually, Mag hopes to find an adopter for Bella. So if you are looking for a dog, why not consider Bella? You can contact Mag through her Facebook here.

Hopefully, Bella finds a forever home she deserves soon.

Featured image from Facebook.