China School Introduces Adjustable Desk-Chairs, Students Can Take Power Nap In Between Classes

Adjustable Desk-Chair Sets In China Turn Into Beds In Seconds, Students Can Enjoy Naps

Long and strenuous school hours with heavy workloads can be exhausting for students.

How many of us can remember fighting the desire to simply lay our heads down on the table and sleep?

Luckily for these children in China, their classrooms are equipped with adjustable desk-chair sets that allow them to lie down for a comfortable afternoon nap.

Adjustable desk-chair sets can be converted into small beds

A People’s Daily Facebook post on 19 Sep shows photos of a class of primary school students snoozing at their desks.

And no, they weren’t trying to secretly sneak in a nap in the middle of lessons.

adjustable desk-chair sets

Source: Facebook

According to China News, the photos were taken at Shuiyifang Primary School in Qinhuangdao, a city in China’s Hebei Province.

With their pillows and blankets, they look just like kindergarteners deep in slumber.

These desk-chairs were introduced to the classrooms in September.

To convert the desk into a bed, both the table and chair are raised while the armrest is used to recline the seat back.

adjustable desk-chair sets

Source: Facebook

These desk-chair sets allow students to lie down for proper naps during school hours.

Just imagine actually having a bed to nap in after the food coma from a heavy lunch.

Students can nap during breaks with adjustable desk-chairs

As students, the information overload during lessons can sometimes be too much to handle.

Hence, the school introduced the desk-chair sets for a much-needed recharge in the middle of the school day.

Similarly, two schools in Ningbo, Zhejiang added the same desk-chair sets to their classrooms.

The desk-chair sets can be inclined from 90 to 135 degrees during classes or lunch breaks.

They even include headrests and footrests so students can be fully comfortable during their naps.

Netizens envy students for being able to take mid-day naps

Many netizens applauded Shuiyifang Primary School’s decision for implementing the desk-chair sets, saying that afternoon naps would refresh students’ minds.

adjustable desk-chair sets

Source: Facebook

Another user added that the sets should be used in the working world as well.

Source: Facebook

One quipped that sleeping during class was a ticket to “a thorough punishment” in their home country.

Source: Facebook

However, this netizen disagreed with the sets and suggested cutting down the school hours instead.

Source: Facebook

Remember to get sufficient rest

The fast-paced and busy lifestyle in Singapore can be very stressful, with many not getting enough hours of sleep.

While being productive and getting work done is important, without sufficient rest, it can take a toll on our physical health.

Therefore, no matter how busy life gets, do be sure to set the appropriate amount of time for yourself to recharge and relax too.

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