AMK Pasar Malam Has Home Essentials & Street Food Like Ramly Burger Till 24 Apr

Pasar Malam Opens At AMK Town Centre On 9 Apr

For the best part of 2 years, Ang Mo Kio (AMK) residents have had to fight off their cravings for pasar malam offerings like a piping hot Ramly burger or containers of cotton candy.

However, the wait is over with the opening of a new pasar malam located in the heart of AMK town centre.

amk pasar malam

Spanning three tents, the pasar malam will run from 9 to 24 Apr 2022. While foodies will have the pick of the litter, mums and aunts will be glad to know that there are also a whole host of home essentials on sale.

Let’s take a closer look at what the revived pasar malam has to offer.

AMK pasar malam has tents full of bazaar favourites

The highlight of any pasar malam is the quirky selection of food on sale.

Perhaps it’s the blinding lights or blaring music, but some snacks just hit different when you get them from a pasar malam stall.

AMK’s pasar malam has a whole tent dedicated to our favourite bazaar snacks.

You can expect to find trendier snacks like sweet potato balls but also classics like various fritters that you can easily munch on while on the go.

amk pasar malam

However, those looking to grab a Ramly burger may have to wait a while longer as at the point of writing, the stall isn’t quite ready yet.

But rest assured once the patties start cooking on the flat-top grill, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another stall as popular as this one.

Home essentials on offer at heartland pasar malam

While pasar malams are popping up all over the island, we think AMK’s tents have something unique that sets them apart from the rest.

Since it’s located in the heartlands, your off-beat vendors have opened up their stalls, with some even selling cheap cutlery.

There’s also a section in the bazaar that sells wooden furniture. If you ever lose track of your family member’s whereabouts, we think you’ll find either parent snooping around here.

During the pandemic, many have picked up gardening as a calming hobby. Green thumbs who can’t resist getting a new plant every other day should probably avoid this section of the bazaar that sells potted plants to curb your spending.

But if you haven’t picked the hobby up yet, this is a unique opportunity to see what all the fuss is about in the heart of AMK.

Get almost everything you need in one place

We all know that one friend whose phone screen protector is practically shattered to bits but refuses to have it replaced.

Well, if budget is their concern, this pasar malam seems to have a wide variety of affordable phone accessories on sale.

Ready to splurge on street food and cheap buys? Here’s how you can get to the pasar malam in AMK:

Ang Mo Kio Pasar Malam
Address: Ang Mo Kio Town Centre, in between Blocks 704 & 705 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio Station

We can’t confirm the daily operating hours for stalls but if tradition is anything to go by, most food stalls would probably be ready by dinnertime.

Bringing back the energy in our neighbourhoods

With a new pasar malam popping up every other day, our neighbourhoods are now filling up with positive energy.

We’re glad to see the return of such lively events. We hope there’ll be more to come in due time, so we’ll get to enjoy the things we’ve missed ever since the pandemic hit us.

Let us know how you feel about the return of pasar malams in the comments.

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