S’pore Woman Upset With Family Photoshoot Quality, Photography Studio Explains Situation

Afford-A-Graph Explains Reason Behind Allegedly Dark & Blurry Aquarium Photoshoot Images

Memories are commonly commemorated through photos, capturing moments that allow us to look back on in the future.

To celebrate their daughter’s love for aquariums, Ms Ng and her husband recently booked a room at Ocean Suites at Sentosa and engaged local photography studio Afford-A-Graph for a photoshoot.


However, upon receiving the photos, the mother was upset after allegedly receiving poor quality images from the studio.

On 11 May, she took to Facebook to air her frustrations and sought advice on her next course of action.


Afford-A-Graph has since responded to the complaint lodged by Ms Ng and explained that it could scare the fish if they shot with powerful lights and cause them to slam into the glass.

Ms Ng has since updated the comment section and disclosed that Afford-A-Graph has contacted her and seeks to get in touch with her by the end of May.

Aquarium photoshoot at Sentosa costs $360 for 90 mins

According to the post, Ms Ng and her husband booked a room at Ocean Suites in Sentosa and engaged Afford-A-Graph, a local photography studio, to conduct the photoshoot.

The studio reportedly had 3 tiers of photography packages, and Ms Ng opted to hire the ‘director photographer’, which costs $360 for 90 minutes.

That was also the most expensive option that the studio offered.

Allegedly received dark & blurry aquarium photoshoot images

Ms Ng also expressed her displeasure with images she received from the studio.

According to her, the photos were dark and seemed to show no application of composition rules.


She even spliced 2 photos together to show a comparison between a photo taken from her handphone and what she received from the photography studio.

Handphone (left), studio (right)

This was a concern that Ms Ng had apparently brought up in their text negotiations before the shoot in which the studio said that they’d bring studio lights as a “gesture of goodwill”.


Ms Ng claimed that the studio has since ghosted them on all contactable channels and refused to contact them.

Photography studio responds to complaint

On 12 May, Afford-A-Graph responded to the complaint lodged against them through a Facebook post.

Addressing the aquarium photoshoot, the company explained that what Ms Ng had shared in her Facebook post was “an unfair misrepresentation of their (our) work”.

According to them, the pictures that Ms Ng shared on the post account for just 5% of all the edited images.

The studio also claimed that it was “natural” for some photos to turn out less than ideal.

They attached other photos as proof of these claims, displaying better lighting and composition.


Additionally, the company also explained that they could not use stronger lights as that would inadvertently scare the creatures in the aquarium.

This might even cause them to slam into the glass out of confusion.

Hence, the photographer reportedly suggested that the family take more outdoor shots, which Ms Ng apparently agreed to.


Photography company said they were under immense pressure

Afford-A-Graph also explained that they were under immense pressure to complete orders due to tightening social gathering sizes.

Acknowledging that they did not respond in a timely fashion, the studio said that it was a challenging period for them during which they were “overworked”.

The company also admitted to blocking Ms Ng and other related accounts on Instagram as they allegedly left “hurtful and non-constructive feedback”.

On 14 May, Ms Ng shared that Afford-A-Graph has contacted her after the viral posts. Speaking about it in the comment section, she explained that Afford-A-Graph has apologised for the poor service and seeks to contact her again at the end of May.

Hope the issue is settled amicably

It’s certainly unfortunate that what was originally a joyful occasion for the family ended on an unhappy note.

We’re glad the company eventually got in touch with the client and hope both parties will settle the issue peacefully in due time.

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Featured image adapted from Afford-A-Graph on Facebook and Facebook.

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