Artist Transforms S’pore Into Dystopian World Destroyed By A Meteor

Artist Imagines How It Would Be If A Meteor Hit Singapore, Looks Like Dystopian World

Millions of years ago, a meteorite impact resulted in the mass extinction of dinosaurs. Since then, there have been thoughts on whether humans might suffer the same fate and how it would be like.

Upon a request by a production company, a Singaporean artist edited some pictures of Singapore, transforming it into a dystopian world destroyed by meteors.


He then shared his art on Facebook, gaining admiration and praise from many netizens.

Artist transforms Singapore into dystopian world destroyed by meteor

The artist, Derrick Song, explained he did a few concept arts for a local production company where meteors fall on Singapore, destroying landmarks.

Thus, he shared some of the edits he did on iconic images of Singapore, such as Marina Bay Sands (MBS) to show how it would look like if a meteor had hit.


Mr Song also used the iconic Merlion against the Central Business District (CBD) backdrop.

In the edited picture, the buildings were on fire while the Merlion lost its head.


Meanwhile, the rest of Singapore, if hit by a meteor, would probably be in shambles. Buildings would have collapsed, roads destroyed, and fire everywhere.


The bridges and expressways would probably be affected, just like how movies might portray a dystopian world.


Mr Song’s art has since received praises and likes from many netizens on Facebook.

If you’re curious, Mr Song had done the concept art for Sephia, which premiered on meWATCH.

As you’d expect, the show revolves around a dystopian scenario where a comet strikes Singapore, causing untold destruction.

Artist did a good job

Derrick certainly did a good job editing, especially with how realistic it looked, as well as the details.

Perhaps this might inspire more people to try reimagining what Singapore might look like in other scenarios.

While it is certainly fascinating to see how Singapore would look like should a meteor hit, we hope we wouldn’t have to experience the destruction in the future.

You can check out more of Mr Song’s art here.

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Featured image adapted from Art by Derrick Song on Facebook

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