Weather With More Rainfall Expected In Aug 2nd Half, Says Met Service

After sweating through a mostly sweltering and dry first half of Aug, the weather is expected to get wetter later.

In its fortnightly weather outlook for 14-31 Aug, the Met Service gave some good news. There’ll be more wetter days as the month progresses, giving us more temptation to sleep in.

More thundery showers for Aug weather

There should be thundery showers like the one we had today (14 Aug) over the next 2 weeks.


In fact, on most days. Outdoorsy types might wish to take note and plan some indoor activities.

Although most of the showers may be for a short time, some might extend into the evening, the Met Service said.

Those who commute to work might want to note that on a day or 2, there will be thundery showers with gusty winds in the morning as the passage of Sumatra squalls passes through.

Some warm days still expected

Of course, this being Singapore, warm and humid weather is never far off the horizon.

Some days of max temperatures of 34°C are possible, and certain nights can get warm and humid. Your AC and fan will come in handy those nights.

Well, we’ve had plenty of those nights already this month, so the fact that the coming days should offer some reprieve is good enough news.

Low temperatures in the West on 14 Aug

Today saw some chill as a shower across Singapore caused a little bit of the ol’ ponding, especially at Craig Road in Tanjong Pagar.

Luckily, the flood left as quickly as it’d arrived.

The West also lay claim to being the King of Cool on 14 Aug as it hit a low of 22.7°C in Jurong East.

There’ll probably be more of these days to come in the next 2 weeks, so we’ll most likely need an umbrella.

Featured image by MS News.