Yishun Pasar Malam Auntie Sells Handmade Beaded Bags, Bracelets & Cardholders From S$1

Elderly Auntie At Yishun Pasar Malam Sells Unique Handmade Bags & Accessories

Many of us may associate pasar malams or night markets with food but humble local businesses ply their trade there too. One example is an auntie selling handmade accessories at a pasar malam in Yishun.

Source: @azulacinta on TikTok

TikToker Azula chanced upon her stall recently and was in awe of the array of items for sale. She ended up buying several products, with the auntie even offering a discount.

Evidently delighted by her haul, Azula encouraged viewers to buy from the auntie and support her business.

Yishun pasar malam auntie sells accessories she makes herself

In a TikTok video on Friday (25 Aug), Azula shared about a particular stall she visited at a pasar malam outside Yishun MRT station.



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She first got excited by a cardholder featuring a rat on each side, which her husband picked out from the table. Confessing that she loved rats, Azula exclaimed to the auntie manning the stall that she had to buy the item.

Source: @azulacinta on TikTok

She then proceeded to pan over the stall to show most of its offerings, while explaining that the auntie is famous on TikTok and makes all her products herself.

Source: @azulacinta on TikTok

Azula subsequently browsed through the items on display, including some unique patterned bags in bright colours like purple and red.

Source: @azulacinta on TikTok

Seeing the beautiful designs, she remarked that she couldn’t possibly leave without a bag.

Bracelets cost just S$1 each

While shopping, Azula also spotted some pretty bracelets in a container that cost just S$1 each and decided to get four of them.

Source: @azulacinta on TikTok

She eventually decided on a purple bag that caught her fancy and showed her entire haul which included a black pouch, the rat cardholder and the bracelets.

Source: @azulacinta on TikTok

The TikToker mentioned in replies to comments that the bag she chose cost S$35, though prices vary across designs. In total, her haul would’ve cost S$62 but the auntie charged her only S$60 as she observed how happy Azula seemed with her purchase.

Source: TikTok

The auntie even added a free keychain that she claimed she didn’t want.

The wholesome video sparked a slew of positive comments from TikTok users who marvelled at the auntie’s creations and were excited to buy some for themselves.

To these comments, Azula replied with encouragement, urging viewers to support the auntie’s business.

If you’d like to check her stall out, the pasar malam where it’s located will only be around till 3 Sep, so hurry there soon. Here’s the address:

Pasar Malam @ Yishun MRT
Address: 301 Yishun Ave 2, Singapore 769093
Dates: 19 Aug – 3 Sep 2023

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if the auntie sells her products anywhere else. MS News has reached out to Azula for comments. We’ll update the article if she gets back.

Hope auntie’s business will flourish

While now is the era of online shopping, not all businesses, especially those helmed by older folks, are on such platforms.

Therefore, we should do our part to support them, whether through buying their products or publicising their shops.

Here’s hoping the auntie’s business will flourish and she’ll be able to receive all the support she needs to keep going.

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Featured image adapted from @azulacinta on TikTok.

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