Parents Receive $3,000 If They Have Babies Over Next 2 Years, Grant Supplements Baby Bonus Scheme

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought financial strain for many families. With this, family planning may take a back seat as people try to make ends meet. Hence, the Government has announced the Baby Support Grant, targeted at parents who have babies over the next two years.


The grant will include a one-time payment of $3,000 to parents for babies born between 1 Oct 2020 and 30 Sep 2022.

Family planning has been hard for Singaporeans

In a press release by Made For Families, the government acknowledged that the pandemic has made it hard for families to have children.

Parents receive $3000Source

Hence, it hopes to help with child-raising costs by providing a one-off payment of $3,000 for babies born between 1 Oct 2020 to 30 Sep 2022.

New grant works in tandem with Baby Bonus

According to Made For Families, the Baby Support Grant will be deposited into the same account that parents use to receive the Baby Bonus Cash Gift (BBCG).

Parents receive $3000Source

Parents will have to wait for a few months though.

The money will be deposited from 1 Apr 2021, or 1 month after signing up for it — whichever comes later.

Together with the BBCG, parents may receive up to $21,000 in benefits on top of parental leave, subsidised early education and childcare.

Young families receiving support through pandemic

Though it has been hard for families to have children during the course of this pandemic, the government is providing support to young parents who want to experience the joy of raising a child.

We wish new and expectant parents all the best in their efforts to build a family of their own.

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