Ah Long Allegedly Makes Prank Delivery Orders To Harass Bedok Resident

A recent new phenomenon in Singapore is the use of food delivery riders to harass and prank people.

Perpetrators would make several orders and send them to the same address. This wastes not only the delivery riders’ time, but also causes annoyance for the owners.

This harassment method was on full display again at a HDB block in Bedok on Saturday (6 Mar), which ended in police talking with riders for over an hour.

Police are investigating the case of harassment.

Multiple riders arrive outside Bedok flat after alleged prank call

The incident reportedly took place at around 4.53pm on Saturday (6 Mar) at a HDB block in Bedok.

Several riders appeared in front of a unit, though the residents had apparently not ordered food. As a result, the riders were left standing along the corridor in confusion.


One of them ended up calling the police, who arrived to investigate.

Pictures circulating online show police officers talking to some Foodpanda delivery riders.

Police investigating case of harassment

Speaking to MS News, the residents confirmed that the case is under police investigation.

The police’s stance on the matter have been clear — that they have zero tolerance for loanshark harassment. Those who deliberately disturb the peace and cause trouble will be arrested and severely punished.

Foodpanda is also following up on the incident.

Don’t implicate delivery riders in harassment

It’s one thing to harass residents – not that it’s right to do so – but implicating delivery riders who work hard to deliver to customers just isn’t right.

Every moment they spend not getting to their next order is time wasted and potential income disrupted.

The effort they took in getting the fake order delivered also can’t be compensated.

We urge everyone to please use delivery services responsibly.

Featured image adapted from EF.