TikToker Shares Life Of Bedok Mama Shop Owner, Uncle Assembles Store Alone Before Dawn

TikTok Video Shows The Life Of A Bedok North Mama Shop Owner

We’ve all had nostalgic memories of visiting the small stores at our HDB void decks, whether to grab Mamee noodles or metal UFO chocolate sweets.

On 6 Feb, TikTok user @rhckaraage shared a vlog of a day in the life of an owner of such a shop, which many of us know as a mama shop.

@rhckaraage repost: early morning behind-the-scenes of an HDB mama shop. mad respect for uncle lim!! #tiktoksg ♬ Notion – The Rare Occasions

Through the lens of a bystander, we get a glimpse of how Uncle Lim sets up Hoh West Mama Shop every day before dawn.

Mama shop owner starts setting up at 6am

The 37-second clip starts with the OP getting up early to wait for Uncle Lim at 5.50 am.

The mama shop owner appears on a blue bicycle 15 minutes later, ready to start his day.

bedok mama shopSource

As soon as Uncle Lim opens the metal shutters that safeguard the store at night, he begins assembling the snack trays.

bedok mama shopSource

Through the video, it’s clear that residents from all walks of life were already eagerly anticipating the opening, queueing to grab their favourite tidbits.

Even kids, like the young schoolboy and a boy scout in the clip, scurry to get their drinks together.


Just before the sun rises, Uncle Lim races to the bread corner to replenish stocks.

He then pushes out the shelves filled with snacks like Hello Panda and Mamee noodles, adding the final touches to the store.

bedok mama shopSource

With that, the mama shop officially opens at 7.10 am after a fulfilling hour.

Shop has been with Uncle Lim’s family for over 40 years

In the short clip, Uncle Lim reveals that he has been operating the shop for over 34 years.

As the OP hosts a mini Q&A round, we learn that the humble store has been in Uncle Lim’s family for over 40 years.

bedok mama shopSource

But because of his parents’ health condition, Uncle Lim took over the shop.

He also passionately showed the OP the best-selling items in his store, including push-pops — a popular candy among young children.


Amidst the rows of nostalgic childhood snacks, one corner stood out the most.

And that is the LEGO toy figurines, specially packed by Uncle Lim himself.


A great gift to take home if you visit Uncle Lim’s store.

Support Uncle Lim & other mama shop owners

Though relics of a nostalgic past, mama shops are still standing thanks to the tireless efforts of their owners.

Uncle Lim’s unfaltering dedication to the shop is truly respectable and admirable.

We wish him a smooth and thriving business for many more years to come.

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Featured image adapted from @rhckaraage on TikTok.

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