Bedok Shop Sells Everything At $1.60, Can Zhng Your Home & WFH Pantry On A Budget

Bedok Shop Sells Homeware, Snacks & Daily Necessities For $1.60 Only

Think quality homeware on a budget and most of our minds would go straight to Japanese lifestyle chain Daiso, which sells everything at $2.

What if we told you there was a cheaper option? Eco-shop in Bedok, the local branch of a Malaysian discount store, sells all items at only $1.60.


You may think that $0.40 isn’t much, but accumulate that over multiple items and you might afford a cup of bubble tea.

Quaint neighbourhood shop in Bedok North

Eco-shop has been in Bedok since 2018, though it first started by selling all items at $1.50. As the economy evolved, they updated the selling price to $1.60.

Located in a quaint corner of Bedok North, not many besides residents there may know of its existence.

That is, until Facebook page Auntie Approved Deals chanced upon it and shared their finds online on Wednesday (16 Sep).


Part 1 of the post went quite viral, with over 1,400 shares at the time of writing.

Drinks & snacks to splurge on guilt-free

Adding snacks and sweet drinks to your grocery shopping basket may feel sinful, especially when it means spending more than necessary.

At eco-shop, however, you wouldn’t mind at all, since everything is so cheap.

Students who basically live on Indomie would be happy to know that they sell the famous instant noodles in various flavours for only $1.60 for 2 bundles.


Each bundle contains 3 packets, so that’s 6 packets at only $0.26 each.

If you need some sweet drinks for the mini party with your roommates, you can get two 1.5L bottles for only $1.60, which would usually get you only a small bottle at most places.


‘Circuit Bakers’ who are crying at the empty baking supplies aisles at your neighbourhood supermarkets should get them at eco-shop instead, which has plenty.


Paying $0.80 for a tub of baking soda, baking powder or cocoa powder feels great when you can turn that into a high quality cake.

Essential homeware & cute decor

Couples moving into their new homes are probably scratching their heads over where to get the cheapest deals.

Eco-shop has some knick knacks to spruce up your abode too, including basic necessities like plastic stools, and jugs to store water in.


Sturdier glassware are also available, like these pretty jars which you can keep your dry food items in, or cookies to serve guests.


If you’re looking for something even smaller as additional decorative pieces, these artificial plants should do the trick.


Baby supplies like milk bottles and pacifiers would seal the deal for young parents welcoming a newborn soon.


Whatever your needs may be, eco-shop seems to have it all.

Get your household supplies from eco-shop

You don’t have to be an Eastie to head over to eco-shop and check out what they have in-store. Since they likely bring in items directly from Malaysia, you might surprise yourself with what you can find.

Here’s more information in case you’re planning a trip there soon:

Address: Bedok Town Centre, 206 Bedok North Street 1, #01-355, Singapore 460206
Opening hours: 9.30am – 9.30pm daily
Nearest MRT station: Bedok

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Featured image adapted from Facebook and Auntie Approved Deals on Facebook.

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