McDonald’s Korea Has Big Mac Dabao Containers That Keep Your Burger & Fries Warm For Hours

McDonald’s Korea Has Big Mac Dabao Containers That Can Store Your Burger & Fries

McDonald’s set meals are often our go-to choice when we crave affordable, sinful treats.

But if you want to buy your fast food meals first thing in the morning and eat them hours later, we’ve found the perfect product for you.

McDonald’s Korea has launched Big Mac dabao containers that can keep your burger sets warm for hours, be it regular or large.

Big Mac dabao containersSource

Besides your Big Mac, we bet it can also store your mum’s special pasta, chicken rice, and other homecooked meals.

Big Mac dabao containers with burger toppings decor

Big Mac fans rejoice because there’s an adorable lunch box designed to look like our classic favourite.

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This dabao container – or tingkat – comprises 2 layers. Each layer has a lock on top to keep food stored safely inside, even when you’re on the go.

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At the sides, you’ll find patterns of cheese, beef, lettuce, and sauces that mimic the appearance of a real-life burger.

Big Mac dabao containers 3Source

The top seems to be sprinkled with “sesame seeds”, so you’re constantly reminded of your fast food cravings.

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A strap can also be attached to the top, so carrying mum’s meals won’t be a hassle.

Has insulated design to keep food warm

According to Girlstyle Taiwan, the dabao container has a double-layer insulated design that can keep your food warm. The white cover also has a small switch to dissipate heat.


The durable product is also composed of 2 layers to separate different food items easily.


True to its name, it can also fit a real Big Mac and fries. Parents who want to eat at home or bring a Happy Meal home for their kids will find that this is the perfect vessel for takeout meals.


Available in McDonald’s Korea

Getting this innovative product requires purchasing the Big Mac or Big Mac Bacon set in Korea, which costs S$8.91 (7,500 won).


Once you’ve fulfilled this requirement, you can get the Big Mac dabao container for S$15.91 (13,400 won).


Hoping for Big Mac dabao containers in Singapore soon

These Big Mac dabao containers are only available in Korea at the moment, but we’re hoping McDonald’s Singapore will release them in local outlets too.

We love this eco-friendly container that can keep our meals warm until it’s time to eat.

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