Miss Bikini Universe Singapore Asks About Prize Money, Allegedly Stripped Of Title

Bikini Universe Singapore Winner Says She Was Dethroned For Asking About The Prize

There’s a new post making waves across Facebook. This time, it concerns a local beauty queen being dethroned and stripped of her title.

Last 15 Sep, Ms. Feline Wong Yin Xi  was crowned as Miss Bikini Singapore 2018.

She received a humongous cheque worth $1000 from Vault Faces.


Two weeks after the competition, she still had not received the S$1000 cash prize.

In a Facebook post that has now gone viral, she asked for an update about her prize money.

However, the event organizer subsequently decided to de-crown her, “based on her attitude” and for issuing “slanderous statements” about the brand.

Here’s her post in full:


Stripped of her title

Ms. Wong states she was allegedly stripped of her the title because she asked for updates about the prize.

In a screenshot of her text conversation with a woman named “Dana” – believed to be the event organiser – it was revealed that they were friends.


Apparently, the event also lacked contestants. Ms. Wong claimed she would help “spread the word” among her friends about the event.


Ms. Wong appears to have comforted her friend Dana, promising to help her “during this tough period”.


At a later date, Ms Wong followed up with Dana about the event.


A friendship turns ugly

However, the friendly situation soon turned ugly, as far as the next series of screenshots seem to show.


Ms Wong was called “rude” because “no other pageant girls have approached their national director” like she did.


Dana claimed that the sponsor was “in control”, and sent a screenshot of their conversation.


 Ms Wong was stripped of her title because of her “attitude”, as a result.


Return the crown or face the law

Ms Wong then received a letter that claimed she breached the Terms & Conditions of the competition.

For violating these rules, she was given till 8 Oct, to return the following items:

  1. Crown
  2. Winner sash
  3. Cheque board

If she didn’t return them, she would have to deal with their lawyers.

Here’s a picture of the letter she uploaded.


Solid proof?

In a follow-up post on 10 Oct, Ms Wong asked for proof and evidence for the clauses that she breached.


Earlier screenshots of the conversation were initially omitted and some parts were censored.

In the latest post, she shared the series of screenshots which depicted the conversation in full.

She added emphatically that she did not wish to give up her title without a proper explanation.


However, as far as the organization was concerned, their decision was “final and binding” and “no further correspondence (would) be entertained”.


Netizens seem to support the beauty queen

Netizens rallied together in support of Ms Wong.

Some claimed that the event organizers did not have money.


Even if the prize money only amounted to $1,000.


Others believed there was no “slanderous statement” made within the texts,  as claimed in the letter.


Nevertheless, we can all agree that the situation is “so not cool” and Ms Wong should have gotten the promised amount of $1,000 in prize money.


Miss Bikini Universe Singapore? Never heard before leh.

So we may have heard of Miss Universe and Miss Singapore, but what in the blazes is Miss Bikini Universe Singapore?

We visited their website for some answers:


According to their page, the Miss Bikini Universe Singapore pageant crowned a winner named Ms Jenxuan Koh about 4 years ago.


Similar to the Olympics and World Cup cycles, a winner seems to be crowned once every 4 years.

As expected of a typical ‘pageant’, the event comes complete with an ‘Evening Gown’ segment.


And of course, a ‘Bikini’ segment that’s ever the crowd-favourite.


To dethrone or not?

Whatever the case, “dethroning” isn’t something new in the pageant industry. Remember Steve Harvey’s infamous mishap where he announced the wrong winner?

It is, however, a first for Miss Bikini Universe Singapore to strip their winner of her title.


Do you think the matter of Miss Bikini Singapore 2018’s missing prize money is a small matter?

Or did Ms Wong really commit a grave offence that warranted her “dethroning”?

Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Facebook.

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