Bishan HDB Notice Seeks Owner Of “Small, Short & Sad” Used Condom

Bishan Resident Puts Up Notices Warning Others Not To Litter After Finding Used Condom

Public littering can sometimes be a problem in HDB estates, especially when they come from high up.

A Bishan resident apparently had had enough, and after finding a used condom, printed out and pasted some lost and found notices around their estate.

Stomp reports that someone had seen these notices at Block 177 Bishan Street 13 on Tuesday (12 Jan).


The notice calls on the owner of a “small, short and sad used condom” to bring it home.


Bishan resident places paggro notice about found condom

A resident told Stomp that the notice was pasted on the block’s lift lobby walls from the 7th to 11th storeys, indicating perhaps that the resident lives below these floors.


Because this is multi-cultural Singapore, the notices were in 2 languages, with a picture of the used condom on top of what appears to be an air-con unit.


The content in Chinese is largely the same.


Whoever wrote the notice was quick to emphasise that high-rise littering is a crime.

But they get even more savage, if you thought “small, short and sad used condom” wasn’t bad enough.

They continue:

If you don’t know how to use and throw properly then don’t have sex (and please don’t reproduce) 😃

But below the picture of the found condom is a more serious line, “Seriously, be a decent human being and throw it away normally.”

The person who found the notice also told Stomp that normally they’d only see lost and found notices for pets.

That said, we don’t recommend keeping a condom as a pet.

Killer litter is a concern

Nobody wants to find soiled tissues, condoms, or other such things thrown from above.

And as the resident notes, high-rise littering is a crime.

So we can kind of understand where they’re coming from. It also goes to show that we should treat our neighbours with respect, and dispose of our litter properly.

Things can certainly get ugly – not to mention passive-aggressive – if such incidents keep occurring.

We hope the residents of the block settle the issue amicably.

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Featured image adapted from Stomp and Google Maps.

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