Bishan Preschoolers Walking Barefoot During Fire Drill Raises Concerns, Parents Explain Rationale

Video Of Bishan Preschoolers Walking Barefoot For Fire Drill Goes Viral

When we see the vulnerable members of our community in a precarious position, our gut instinct is usually to air our concerns. However, in some cases, such positions may not be as dangerous as people think.

Recently, a video showing a group of preschoolers walking barefoot in Bishan for a fire drill went viral. The OP of the video was understandably concerned, due to the heat of the day.

Some netizens, however, pointed out that the preschoolers might not have the time to put on their shoes in the case of an actual fire.

Bishan preschoolers run barefoot during fire drill at Midview City

On Friday (1 Jul), a netizen posted the clip to the Singapore Incidents Facebook page.

Source: @singapore_incidents on Facebook

In the clip, a group of preschoolers were seen walking outdoors without any footwear.

Source: @singapore_incidents on Facebook

A few ladies dressed in maroon, presumably the teachers, then led them along the pavement to the doorway of Little Green House, a preschool located in Midview City.

Source: @singapore_incidents on Facebook

At the end of the video, a few adults stepped forward to inform the teachers of the dangers of letting preschools walk around barefoot under the hot sun.

Source: @singapore_incidents on Facebook

Netizens offer another point of view

At first glance, the incident appears rather concerning — walking around with bare feet on a sunny day does seem dangerous, especially for young children.

However, many netizens offered a different perspective on the situation.

This user pointed out that if there is a real fire, the preschoolers would likely not have the time to wear their shoes and evacuate.

Source: @singapore_incidents on Facebook

Training them as such during fire drills, therefore, instils the urgency of evacuation into them.

Source: @singapore_incidents on Instagram

Fire drills are also supposed to simulate life and death situations. As such, letting the preschoolers take their time to put on shoes could somewhat defeat the purpose of the drill.

Importance of imparting safety precautions on children

It is only natural to react defensively to a situation where we perceive more vulnerable members of our community to be at risk.

These drills may seem harsh at first glance but will go a long way in ensuring children realise the urgency of reacting promptly to emergencies.

At the same time, the parents’ concerns are understandable — we hope the kids were not left to stand barefoot in the sun for too long.

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Featured image adapted from Little Green House and @singapore_incidents on Facebook.

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