BlueSG Opel Corsa-e Car Found With Punctured Tyre & Scratched Bumper, Company Investigating Accident

BlueSG Car Launched On 27 Oct Found With Punctured Tyre & Scratched Bumper At Telok Blangah Rise

On 27 Oct, electric car-sharing service BlueSG added Opel Corsa-e Cars to their fleet, prompting excited users to try them out.

Unfortunately, it appears that one of these early users has already got into an accident with the new car.

A BlueSG Opel Corsa-e was seen with a punctured tyre and scratched bumper in Telok Blangah Rise.

Source: Wong Jackson on Facebook

The company said they’re investigating the accident.

Photos of BlueSG car with punctured tyre shared online

Photos of the damaged car were shared in a post to the BlueSG Users Group on Facebook on Thursday (3 Nov).

One photo showed a gaping hole in the front-right tyre, which also had its hubcap almost completely detached.

Source: Wong Jackson on Facebook

Another photo showed several black scratches on the bumper of the car. It was also slightly dislodged.

Source: Wong Jackson on Facebook

Car also plugged in wrong charging station

The OP said he’d found the car in this state at a BlueSG charging lot, and didn’t touch it.

Unsurprisingly, he decided to rent another vehicle instead.

A netizen identified that the lot was in Telok Blangah Rise, and pointed out that whoever returned the car also plugged it into the wrong charging station.

Source: Wong Jackson on Facebook

Another observed that the user had parked with the car’s bonnet facing into the lot, rather than reversing into the lot as per normal practice.

Source: Wong Jackson on Facebook

Other comments focused on how the vehicle involved was one of the new Opel Corsa-e cars, and it didn’t take long before it was misused.

Source: Wong Jackson on Facebook

Netizens generally lamented at how people just can’t have nice things, and how BlueSG car drivers seem to be getting into trouble frequently.

Car used & abused in just six days

In fact, the licence plate number of the damaged car matches that of a car used and reviewed by an early user on 28 Oct.

Source: Lim Jian Chen on Facebook

At the time, the good-as-new car had just 91km on its odometer.

Source: Lim Jian Chen on Facebook

Just six days later, the poor car appears to be ready for an overhaul.

BlueSG investigating accident

In response to queries from MS News, BlueSG said that they were “aware of the accident”.

They are conducting investigations into it, they added.

Hopefully, they will get to the bottom of the incident and find the culprit who did this to the new car.

Previous road incidents involving BlueSG cars

Unfortunately, there have been a few recent stories of BlueSG cars being involved in road incidents.

In November 2021, a wheel of a BlueSG car allegedly came loose and rolled off when the driver came to a halt.

BlueSG Car Wheel Allegedly Comes Off On Road, Netizen Warns Others To Report Such Issues

In March, it was reported that a man had rented a BlueSG car to drive around 49 times — despite failing his Basic Theory Test (BTT).

Man Rents BlueSG 49 Times Despite Failing BTT, Says Failure Doesn’t Mean He Can’t Drive

In September, a BlueSG car appeared to make a sudden right turn at a Bukit Batok junction, swerving and hitting two other vehicles.

BlueSG Swerves & Hits 2 Cars At Bukit Batok Junction, Narrowly Misses Another Vehicle

In October, a BlueSG car was making a right turn in Bukit Panjang when it rolled over a divider.

BlueSG Car Rolls Over Divider In Bukit Panjang, Plants Seem Like The Only Casualty

While BlueSG cars are for sharing and don’t belong to end-users, people should still behave responsibly when using them to avoid inconveniencing others.

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Featured image adapted from Wong Jackson on Facebook.

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