First BMT Graduation At Our Tampines Hub Lets All S’poreans Salute NS Men For Their Service

BMT Graduation At Our Tampines Hub Was Opened For Public Viewing

National Service (NS) is a life-changing experience for young Singaporean men.

Milestones like the Basic Military Training (BMT) graduation are often exclusive affairs open only to family.

But the first ever BMT graduation at Our Tampines Hub (OTH) on Saturday (7 Sep) made the event accessible to the public, so Singaporeans could witness our NS men in action for themselves.


Public could watch BMT graduation ‘live’

The phrase “POP loh” usually accompanies pictures of young NS men in their military uniform flanked by their beaming parents.


Those of us who see this as we scroll through Instagram may find the Passing Out Parade (POP) unrelatable, unless we ourselves or someone close to us has experienced it.

So to have the chance to witness the event firsthand could truly awaken your national pride.

Visitors to OTH yesterday morning encountered just that at the BMT graduation, which took place at the soccer field.

As obvious from the video, it was a rousing occasion that enthralled everyone present.

Singaporeans proud to see our NS men

NS men decked in full uniform and standing in neat rows on the field was quite a sight to behold on a sleepy Saturday morning.


To see them break into synchronised cheer was something else, as they marked the first milestone in their NS journey.


While friends and family sat on the stands, strangers stood watching curiously from different corners of the hub.

Some who were busy with their own activities at OTH even stopped to watch, basking in the celebratory atmosphere.


Besides being in awe of how smoothly the event went, many Singaporeans took the opportunity to thank our NS men for keeping us safe.

Thanks to our NS men for their service

We may have heard the occasional complaints, but it’s clear that there’s something about surviving NS that uplifts our young Singaporeans’ spirits.

To see them commemorating that milestone and being a part of it, albeit from a distance, reminds us to be thankful for our country’s safety.

Thank you to all the men who have served and continue to serve Singapore.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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