BMW With Fake Licence Plate Crashes Into Real BMW In Driver’s Haste To Run

A video of a BMW with a fake licence plate that belonged to a Volvo S80 went viral last week. The owner of the licence plate number first realised that something was amiss when he started receiving summonses for offences he did not commit.

The illegal BMW has made waves again, this time because it was involved in 2 hit-and-run accidents on Wednesday (6 Nov).

Crashed into a taxi, then a BMW

On 6 Nov, a Land Transport Authority (LTA) officer noticed the suspicious vehicle along Geylang Bahru Road. He signalled for the BMW to stop, but the driver accelerated instead.

As the BMW was speeding off, it hit a taxi but did not slow down.

In his haste to escape, he turned into a carpark and crashed through the gantry, jumping out of his car before engaging the brakes. The car, which was still moving, continued its forward trajectory and hit a stationary BMW that was parked near Block 22 at St George’s Road.

In the dashcam footage of the parked BMW provided to Shin Min Daily News, the battered white BMW can be seen driving into the carpark. The footage indicates that the second accident took place around 11.24am.


Before the BMW hit the car, the driver jumped out to escape from the LTA officer in hot pursuit, dashing past the parked BMW.


By the time the LTA officer arrived, the driver was gone.


Fortunately, there were no injuries in the accidents, according to AsiaOne.

The driver has been on the run for the past 24 hours and police investigations are ongoing.

 Real owner previously made police report

In a video uploaded by SG Road Vigilante, it was revealed that the real owner of the licence plate number had lodged a police report on 24 Oct.


He had received several summonses for offences that were technically impossible for him to commit. For example, he received a summons for not displaying a parking coupon when he was in Johor Bahru.

Hope driver gets caught soon

It is truly shocking to see the brazen driver running away from the scene of the second accident.

We hope that the driver will be caught and brought to justice soon.

Featured image adapted from Shin Min Daily News on Facebook.