Boba Butter Beer & Guinness Milkshake With Pearls Now Sold In M’sia Till 15 Aug

The Beer Factory In Malaysia Has Boba Beer Till Mid-August

A pro-tip for F&B vendors to achieve instant virality on social media is to hop on trends.

For instance, why not add boba – aka tapioca pearls – to whatever you’re selling, and voila! Instant virality. If this zi char stall can invent BBT crabs, what’s there to lose right?

In any case, it has finally happened. A bar franchise in Malaysia has finally put two-and-two together to create a groundbreaking concoction — Boba Beer.


And like all Singaporeans trapped in a live-or-die relationship with Bubble Tea, we’re falling for the notion all over again.

1. Boba Butter Beer

You can expect a Kirin Ichiban-based beer with a buttery aftertaste in the first of 4 Boba Beers — aptly named Butter Beer, after J.K. Rowling’s Hogsmeade version captured the imagination of her fans.

This icy cold beverage will come generously topped with heavy cream, caramel sauce and all the chewy spherical globules you can summon.

2. Guinness Milkshake

The next drink is an ice-blended milkshake featuring our favourite brand of dark beer in Singapore — a Guinness Milkshake. You can expect a heavier beverage with the addition of milk to the mix, but we’d drink it carefully to avoid a brain freeze.

3. Strawberry Lime Cider

A fruity blend is up next with Strawberry Lime Cider.

Definitely a welcome option if you spam mojitos and strawberry magaritas at the bar because you love refreshing cocktails. We’d imagine this option is for those who prefer peach green tea to oolong milk tea at SweetTalk.

The only difference is that you’ll have to be carded before the Boba Beer auntie/uncle asks for your order.

4. Watermelon Boba Beer

Finally, Watermelon Beer sounds like the most bizarre option on the menu to us.

We have literally no idea what to expect but we trust that the folks at the Beer Factory have undergone strict QC tests to create this drink. But you can’t go wrong with Boba, can you?

How to get to The Beer Factory

At the pretty reasonable price of S$9.26/cup (RM28), we’d say that it’s worth a try if you’re in the vicinity of an outlet.


Thankfully, The Beer Factory is a large bar franchise with 11 outlets across Malaysia. Here’s the deets on the outlet in Kuala Lumpur. The bar is about a 23-minute drive from KL’s city centre.

The Beer Factory Hartamas

Address: 76, Jalan 27/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram
Google Map: Here’s the map on how to get there.

And a full list of all 11 outlets that are open now, as written on their page.

Those heading to Kuala Lumpur, Penang or Malacca will be pleased to note that those outlets are probably the most accessible places for Singaporeans headed to Malaysia for a short getaway to try this crazy menu by mid-August.

D-I-Y your own Boba Beer


If all your attempts to cross the Causeway to taste Boba Beer fail, don’t forget that there’s always the D-I-Y method if you’re perpetually on a tight budget.

Just grab a trusty can of Tiger, and buy a cup of tapioca pearls to mix a serving for yourself.

Let us know how the auntie at SweetTalk reacts when you tell her your plan. We’re sure her reaction will be priceless.

Featured image from The Beer Factory on Facebook.

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