New Navigation App Helps S’pore Drivers Find Best Parking Rates & Vacant Lots In Tiong Bahru

Multi-Functional Navigation App Breeze Helps You Find Parking Lots & Compare Prices

Driving undoubtedly brings about many conveniences in Singapore. But with this comes the perennial problem of finding a parking lot, especially in crowded areas.

Local IT firm NCS Singapore hopes to solve this with their new navigation app Breeze and help make the driving experience, well, a breeze.

NCS announced the pilot launch of Breeze@Tiong Bahru on Sunday (2 Oct). Breeze helps drivers find the nearest available parking lot and the best parking rates.

The multi-functional app even provides drivers real-time traffic conditions and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) changes.

Besides that, it shows points of interest in the vicinity, such as eateries, pasar malams, or murals, which come in handy for those who love to explore.

Breeze navigation app gives real-time information on parking available

With Breeze, NCS hopes to end the mundane routine of driving around in circles to look for a parking spot and the frantic Google search for the nearest free carparks.

After a successful beta release in April, the app is now being piloted in Tiong Bahru.

When driving to their destinations, drivers will be provided with crucial traffic information.

For most, the game-changer will be the real-time insights Breeze gives on available parking lots. It also lets drivers view and compare nearby carparks’ parking rates.

navigation app parking

Source: Breeze

This information is fed to drivers even before they start the drive.

Breeze achieves this through ‘the Breeze Box’, which determines lot availability through video analytics at the entry and exit of carparks.

navigation app parking

When travelling, the app gives drivers the fastest or cheapest routes, taking into account traffic conditions at highways and checkpoints, floods, as well as ERP price changes.

Besides that, the app also shows nearby amenities that can come in handy, such as petrol stations and the nearest electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

navigation app parking

Using the app, drivers will also notice that, unlike many international navigation apps, the pronunciation of road names and places will be on point and familiar.

This is thanks to Breeze’s usage of an AI voice with a local accent, voiced by actress Siti Khalijah.

Shows various points of interest in the area

Those who love exploring will not want to miss out on using Breeze as they walk about Tiong Bahru. The app shows various points of interest that can be reached on foot.

This opens up new doors to discovering the rich heritage and culture of the area.

After all, how many of us knew that bustling Tiong Bahru is also home to Singapore’s last remaining pre-war civilian air raid shelter?

Or that you’ll be treated to three murals by local artist Yip Yew Chong when walking along the streets in the estate?

Plus, the app gives a succinct description of each point of interest and other similar locations to explore nearby.

Foodies will also love the Breeze app. ‘Tiong Bahru Eats’ provides a map of must-try heritage dishes and Instagrammable cafes.

Whether you’re looking to café hop or go on the hunt for some good hawker food, it’s sure to come in handy.

Will possibly expand to other estates in future

Breeze is a community initiative by NCS in collaboration with Tiong Bahru Community Centre and Tiong Bahru Market Hawkers’ Association.

NCS Managing Partner of Corporate Development and Partnerships Mr Howie Lau said survey results revealed that 77% of drivers felt their top stressor is finding available parking at the lowest price.

This was especially so in a popular area like Tiong Bahru. The app aims to simplify these parking decisions for drivers and encourage the exploration of the area’s heritage zone, hiking trails, and many local eateries.

At the Breeze pilot launch event on Sunday (2 Oct), Ms Indranee Rajah, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Second Minister for Finance and National Development, and Adviser to Tanjong Pagar GRC Grassroots Organisations, expressed excitement about this partnership.

navigation app parking

Ms Indranee noted that the launch was just the beginning of the journey as they are still looking for feedback on the app.

Ultimately, the aim is to help people enjoy Tiong Bahru.

CEO of NCS Mr Ng Kuo Pin echoed these thoughts, saying they hope the pilot can help make the app more functional. From there, they can look to expand Breeze to other estates.

If you’d like to check out Breeze and its features, it is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play. More information can be found here.

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