Fiancé Weds Bride-To-Be Who Passed Away In Scooter Accident

Some stories don’t end with a happy ever after.

Last Sunday (25 Aug), a Vietnamese man named Dang Thien An learnt this the hard way when his bride-to-be died in a scooter accident. She passed away a month before their planned wedding on 29 Sep.


World of Buzz reports that in spite of the tragedy, Dang still married his dead fiancée in a heartbreaking ceremony. Here’s how it happened.

Bride-to-be dies in scooter accident

According to World of Buzz, Dang and his fiancée worked in Japan.

Like any engaged couple, their relationship was going strong for many years so they planned to tie the knot on 29 Sep in Vietnam. The bride-to-be visited the country alone to plan their wedding.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck when she was riding a scooter.  When she braked to avoid a  puddle, a car was headed towards the opposite direction. The driver couldn’t stop in time, and she ended up colliding with the vehicle.

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A local shared the details of the accident in a live stream. He warned other drivers to avoid the road because it led to a massive traffic jam.

Man discovers death of fiancée

The bride-to-be’s family was quickly informed about the scooter accident. Unfortunately, she died soon after.

Dang discovered the incident by tuning in to the live stream. He noticed that the body looked like his girlfriend’s and was stunned upon discovering her death.

He quickly travelled to Vietnam to fast track their planned wedding ceremony.

Dang wrote in a Facebook post,

The wedding will be held at 10pm tonight instead. Hope everyone can spare some time for our wedding as I bid farewell to my wife.

Heartbreaking wedding ceremony

Despite the heartbreaking tragedy, Dang believed that their wedding must go on.

He calmly declared his love for his dead fiancée, but broke into tears when his mother hugged him.


While his bride-to-be was unable to say her vows, he knelt before her coffin and offered her a bouquet. Afterward, he kissed her ring and recited his vows.


He said lovingly to her,

I had originally planned to sing to you at our wedding but I can only sing it to you now. I want to hold my wedding ceremony with you now.

Dang sang “Tong Hua”, or Fairytale in English, by Michael Wong, which was about a sad love story. The attendees had tears in their eyes as he professed his love.


Promises to cherish her memory & live well

It’s always sad when someone we love passes away but Dang promises to cherish her memory and live well.

He states,

My wife is the best person I have ever met and I will try my best to live well without her.

Dang reminisced that his bride loved thin necklaces because she didn’t want him to use his hard-earned money on her.


In spite of her death, he vowed to work hard and continue giving her everything she wants.

Dang’s friend even comforted him and said that God must’ve had an urgent reason to call her home and he agreed.

He told her altar,

It’s okay, you go to heaven first and wait for me, I will stay behind and try to live well.

Hoping they will reunite again

Death is inevitable, and it’s always tragic for the ones left behind.

While Dang couldn’t live happily ever after with his wife, we’re hoping that the 2 will reunite in the afterlife someday. We wish that he will lead a good and fulfilling life, as per his promise to his wife at the wedding.

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