‘Is this $2 a night?’: Internet appalled by woman’s Greece ‘budget’ accommodation with ground mattresses

‘Budget’ accommodation in Greece shocks the Internet

The living conditions at a “budget” accommodation for a woman who was travelling in Greece has shocked Internet users.

She documented her “budget travel” experience in a short TikTok video that has since made its way around the world, gathering some 5.3 million views on the platform.

It showed what appears to be a makeshift hostel with mattresses on the floor.

The woman’s caption suggests that this trip was part of a student exchange programme. Despite the conditions of the accommodation, it appeared she still had fun on the trip — she even said she wished to go back.

Woman on ‘budget travel’ in Greece gets underground accommodation

The in-video text on the nine-second clip stated: “When you budget travel a little too hard”.


Bar je bilo zabavno #greece #erasmus #travel

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Illustrating the point, she showed the inside of what seems to be a makeshift hostel in a run-down area.

Around 15 mattresses without sheets lined the ground, which looked to be a base of rough concrete.

Budget accommodation Greece

Source: @cviittta on TikTok

The next scene showed the meals that travellers staying at the facility got — a plate of eggs, sausage, and tomatoes that barely covers half the dish.

Budget accommodation Greece

Source: @cviittta on TikTok

In the background, clothes were also hanging on a clothing line between some pillars.

Budget accommodation Greece

Source: @cviittta on TikTok

The woman — who goes by the user @cviittta on TikTok — wrote in the captions: “Bar je bilo zabavno”, which is “At least it was fun” in Croatian.

The accompanying hashtags seem to suggest that this was part of the Erasmus programme, which is a student exchange programme for Europeans.

Traveller spent 2 weeks at makeshift hostel, reportedly as part of an exchange programme

TikTok users who came across the living conditions in this “budget” hostel were mostly in disbelief.

One comment expressed shock that this accommodation is part of the Erasmus programme.

Source: @cviittta on TikTok

Another asked the woman how much she had allocated for the stay, to which she responded: “2 euro and a dream”.

Source: @cviittta on TikTok

Apparently, the woman spent two weeks in the accommodation, which she confirmed in reply to another commenter who expressed an interest to visit.

Source: @cviittta on TikTok

She even replied to someone else that she wished to go back.

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Featured image adapted from @cviittta on TikTok

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