Bukit Batok Lift’s Ramadan Date Surprise Touches Neighbours’ Hearts

This year’s Ramadan has been a quiet affair, since the Circuit Breaker is still in place.

With most families unable to physically visit their loved ones, an individual decided to spread some festive cheer by leaving a sweet surprise in their apartment’s lift.

Here’s the post SgfollowsAll shared on Instagram on Saturday (25 Apr).


According to the caption, the bucket of snacks was left by “kind neighbours…at Bukit Batok”.

Lovingly wrapped dates & nuts in lift

Residents of this unnamed apartment complex in Bukit Batok were probably surprised when they saw a small container hanging on the railing of the lift, instead of a bottle of hand sanitiser.


As it turned out, the surprise was a bucket of dates and nuts to be shared with all neighbours.

To ensure that their little gifts remained hygienic, each date and nut was wrapped individually & left in a tiny, red-handled bucket hanging on the lift railing.

Sharing the spirit of Ramadan

The anonymous present also came with a typed message pasted on top of the lift railing. The text reads as follows,

Let the spirit of Ramadan remain in our heart, and light up our soul from within.
May this blessed month rewards us bountifully.

Ramadan Murbarak,
Ramadan Kareem.

(Please help yourself on this humble act of giving.)

The small gesture indeed served to cheer up residents who shared the same lift.

However, some raised concerns about whether sharing food was a good idea during this time.

Some netizens remain concerned about hygiene

Some netizens were not enthusiastic about the idea of sharing food amidst the Covid-19 situation — pointing out that the gesture could have been inappropriate.

Others thought we should focus on the intention behind the act, which was to share the spirit of Ramadan with all Singaporeans through a “humble act of giving”.

Acts of kindness during tough times

We think that this small gesture was indeed done with the best of intentions, to share the spirit of Ramadan in truly troubling times amidst our extended Circuit Breaker.

Have you heard of other little acts of kindness that your neighbours have done to brighten up your days?

We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

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Featured image adapted from Instagram & Google Maps.