Thai Family Sends Covid-19 Care Package To S’pore Friends, Proves Love Knows No Shipping Fees

Thai Family Sends Covid-19 Care Package Consisting Of Masks & Hand Sanitisers To Singaporean Friends

Love truly knows no bounds, as one kind family proves through their sincere gesture.

A Thai family sent their Singaporean friends a thoughtful care package to help them cope with the increasingly worrying Covid-19 situation here.

Read on for more about their sweet gesture below.

Thai family sent surgical masks in Covid-19 care package

From the beginning, love had brought the two families together.

A young man from the Thai family met his Singaporean girlfriend here 6 years ago, and both have been together ever since.

The Thai family lives in Bangkok, which has also reported Covid-19 cases, though the numbers aren’t as high as Singapore’s.

When they heard about the panic-buying and health equipment like masks and hand sanitisers going out of stock, they didn’t hesitate to ask if their Singaporean friends needed some.

Apparently, masks are still largely available in Bangkok, and they managed to get their hands on a variety to send over.

Care package included encouraging note & hand sanitiser

They didn’t just stop at masks — they threw in a bottle of hand sanitiser and a sweet, encouraging note too.

In the note, they wished the Singaporean family well, hoping that they’d be “fine and safe” amid the Covid-19 outbreak.

Seeing as English isn’t their native language, they must have put a great deal of thought and effort into writing the note.

They even wrote “jia you” in Chinese characters, encouraging Singapore to “press on” through the difficulties.

Paid for express shipping to help Singaporean friends

Most people would hesitate to ship things internationally due to the high costs, but this Thai family had no qualms doing so.

They paid 860 Thai Baht for international express shipping, just so their Singaporean friends could get the package as soon as possible. That roughly converts to a whopping S$39.

Touching gesture restores our faith in humanity

With Covid-19 and all the mask scams weighing us down, a positive piece of news like this really uplifts our spirits and makes us feel like we can go on fighting the coronavirus.

This Thai family going out of their way to help their Singaporean friends really warms our hearts. They’re battling the same pandemic in Thailand, but they still thought of their friends, and took care of them despite being far away.

We hope this inspires you to look out for others too, until this pandemic blows over.

Featured image from an MS News reader. 

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