Bukit Panjang Residents Seeking Carton Boxes After Flat Catches Fire

After a fire in residential housing, the first problem after securing one’s safety and possessions is the matter of temporary housing. Storage is also another concern.

Following a fire in a Bukit Panjang flat, the owners now require boxes for their belongings.

Paul Tambyah, who contested Bukit Panjang SMC recently during GE2020, is helping to spread the message and coordinate the collection.


If anyone has empty carton boxes at least 60cm in height to give, you can get in touch with Prof Tambyah.

Bukit Panjang fire

On Saturday (16 Aug), a unit in Block 419 Fajar Road was the scene of a fire.


You can view a video of the fire here.

According to the Singapore Civil Defence Force, the fire took place largely in a bedroom and 10 people were evacuated.

They used a single water jet to clear the fire.


Thankfully, there were no injuries.

Packing items while renovations ongoing

Although no loss of human lives were had, the house itself still took damage from the blaze.

Also, because SCDF are still investigating the cause of the fire, the owners can’t stay in the flat.

There’s also a need to renovate the flat to repair the damages caused by the fire.

As such, Prof Tambyah calls on those who live in Bukit Panjang and can chip in with empty carton boxes.

This will help the owners store their belongings temporarily as they await investigations and renovations.

Residents can show Bukit Panjang spirit

Kudos to Prof Tambyah for helping to spread the message, as it’s a show that he is committed to Bukit Panjang residents regardless of whether he won the election.

During GE2020, he garnered 46.26% of the votes at Bukit Panjang SMC, which is pretty close indeed.

Perhaps taking this as a sign to keep working, the SDP have continued to walk the ground at Bukit Panjang.

At the same time, the winning MP, Mr Liang Eng Hwa, has helped residents with public transportation issues recently.

This is a good chance for residents to show the Bukit Panjang spirit. We’re unsure as to whether other residents outside Bukit Panjang can provide their boxes, but it might be worth messaging them to try.

Those who are able to spare some boxes can contact Prof Tambyah via this Messenger link http://m.me/PaulTambyah.

Featured image adapted from Facebook