Easties Notice Burning Smell On 11 & 12 Jan, NEA Says PSI Reading Was Normal

Easties Notice Burning Smell, NEA Will Continue Monitoring Situation

Over the past few mornings, Easties haven’t just been awakened by their alarms, but apparently also by a pungent burning smell that permeated through the air.

Irritated and concerned, some have even contacted the authorities with hopes of learning about the source of the odour.

Responding to such queries, NEA issued a statement clarifying that they have not detected any abnormal PSI readings during this period.


NEA also shared that the smell wasn’t caused by industrial incidents in Singapore or regional hotspots. Nonetheless, they will continue to keep an eye on the situation.

Easties apparently notice burning smell but PSI levels remain normal

On Wednesday (12 Jan), Redditor u/TheJusticeAvenger started a discussion thread on the odd burning smell.


Apparently, Easties’ olfactory senses had been ‘assaulted’ by the smell since Tuesday (11 Jan).

If the comments are anything to go by, affected residents appear to be residing in the following areas:

  • East Coast
  • Loyang
  • Pasir Ris
  • Simei

Despite the complaints, it seems nothing was off as far as the air quality indicators are concerned.

According to NEA’s Twitter feed, the 24-hour PSI reading on 11 and 12 Jan generally hovered around the 30-55 region, which falls under the ‘Good’ and ‘Moderate’ bands.

NEA says smell did not come from hotspots or industrial incidents

In response to MS News’ queries, NEA said that they’ve received feedback on burning smells detected in the East on 11 and 12 Jan.

However, NEA wasn’t able to trace any local industrial incident that could have caused the odour.

The agency also did not detect any hotspots in the immediate region.

Additionally, SCDF shared that they did not respond to any incidents in the eastern region which involved open burning.

The stream of feedback pertaining to the burning smell has apparently abated since Wednesday (12 Jan) afternoon.

Nonetheless, NEA will continue monitoring the situation.

Hope the siege on our olfactory senses comes to an end

While everything seems normal in terms of air quality, it’s unlikely that the smell was ‘made up’, given the large number of people who had expressed concern.

Most importantly, we hope the smell subsides so everyone will feel less stressed about their sense of smell being under siege.

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Featured image by MS News. 

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