SBS Bus Captain Flips Off Family In Car At Tampines, Police Report Lodged

SBS Transit Bus Captain Flips Off Family In Car At Tampines On 29 Mar

Road rage can rear its ugly head in varying levels of intensity. While some may prolong their horn-pressing, others may throw out aggressive gestures to make their points known.

An SBS Transit driver was guilty of the latter when he recently flipped off a family of passengers in a car while driving in Tampines.

The victim of the hostile finger-wagging incident then filed a complaint against the bus driver at Tampines Bus Interchange. He also allegedly lodged a police report against the bus captain in question.

Bus captain flips off family when driver attempts to turn into main road

In a video posted on the Facebook page, a bus captain was seen flipping off a family in a car as it drove along Tampines Avenue 7.

In the 20-second clip, the driver of the dashcam vehicle can be seen approaching a yellow box on the road.

At that exact moment, a bus on the perpendicular road can be seen vaguely peering out behind a white mini-bus.

When the driver approached the yellow box with the intention of turning into the vacant lane, the bus started moving.


When the bus came into the driver’s view, the bus captain flipped the driver off, pointing his finger out the bus window.


The video clips end as the driver finds himself briefly stuck in the yellow box.


Driver allegedly lodges police report against bus captain

The video also showed a screenshot of what appears to be a police report with additional details of the incident.


According to the description, the bus captain in question was driving a Service Number 18 bus.

The driver added that his family was present in the car when the incident happened.

He also noted in the report that he felt that his wife and daughter’s modesty were insulted and that they took offence to the bus captain’s aggressive behaviour.

Speaking to MS News, SBS Transit stated that they do not condone the bus driver’s actions, which were not in line with the professional standards expected of their employees.

SBS Transit also shared that they will be taking disciplinary action against the bus captain and apologised for the distress caused to the driver and his family.

Hope driver learns from his mistake

No matter the circumstances, there’s no need for such aggressive behaviour from the driver.

Kudos to SBS Transit for the prompt response. We hope the driver learns from his mistake and will try to keep a cool head if similar incidents were to crop up in the future.

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