Singapore Bus Captain Wears Goofy Face Mask On Shift, Bringing Laughter To Passengers

Now that it is compulsory for all Singaporeans to wear a face mask outside, Singaporeans face a set of new first world problems.

We’re talking about mask breath fogging up your glasses, and being unable to unlock your phone with facial recognition on grocery runs.

Perhaps the most tragic inconvenience is the inability to smile at others while donning protective gear.


This bus captain managed to come up with an ingenious idea to maintain a cheerful smile while on shift.


Singapore netizens are drawn to the bus captain’s fun joke and find his goofy face mask extremely adorable.

Bus captain ‘smiles’ at commuters

In a video posted by All Singapore Stuff on Tuesday (22 Apr), a commuter came across a bus captain wearing a goofy buckteeth smile.

Upon closer inspection, the bus driver was actually wearing a cloth mask printed with a wide smile.

This greatly amused the curious passenger, who decided to share the captains’ joke with Singapore netizens.

He showered the captain with compliments from behind the camera and even commended him for his friendly service.

Played along with passenger

In good fun, the passenger also asked the bus captain where he got the adorable face mask from.


The bus captain kindly answered that he got it from Taiwan, and flashed the camera a genuine smile of his own, though his face mask still remains the main attraction.

Jolt of positivity

Certainly, this lighthearted encounter with the smiling bus driver gave all of us a good laugh, adding some positivity to the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period.


While most of us won’t have a chance to meet this bus driver anytime soon, our hearts are warmed by his funny antics that keep us entertained in this tough period.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.