Bus Driver Stops In Lim Chu Kang To Pee, Leaves Scared Passenger Alone In The Dark

Bus Service 975 Driver Stops Along Lim Chu Kang Road To Pee

Anyone who has passed through Lim Chu Kang at night would know just how spooky the roads can be, especially with a cemetery nearby.

While most people would avoid lingering for too long there, a bus passenger had no choice but to do that recently. He ended up being all alone on board when the driver decided to stop and alight to relieve himself.

Source: TikTok

To make matters worse, the bus driver had apparently turned off the engine, leaving the passenger alone in the dark vehicle surrounded by even darker wilderness.

Bus driver stops near Lim Chu Kang Police Coast Guard base to pee

On Thursday (14 July), TikTok user @ladiesman217.__ shared a video of the 15-minute ordeal he had to endure as the bus driver went to relieve himself.

@ladiesman217.__ driver fucking stopped the bus randomly, got out, opened the doors, turned everything off, and left. for 15 minutes. bus 975.#singapore ♬ Dimly creepy mansion (music box ver.) – ACE Fantasy

In the caption, the OP shared that he was onboard a Service Number 975 bus when the driver “stopped the bus randomly, got out, opened the door, turned everything off, and left”.

While it’s not unusual for bus drivers to leave their vehicles temporarily when Mother Nature calls, the spooky surroundings arguably made it a rather creepy experience for the OP.

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Lights from nearby building did not make it any less scary

In the TikTok clip, the bus driver was seen walking towards a blue portable toilet next to a bus stop.

Source: TikTok

Judging from the surroundings, the bus seemed to have stopped along Lim Chu Kang Road, right outside the Police Coast Guard base there.

Source: Google Maps

Even though the Police Coast Guard building was well-lit at the time, it did not make the surrounding wilderness appear any less scary.

Source: TikTok

To make matters worse, the bus was also completely dark, making it look like a scene straight out of a horror movie.

Source: TikTok

According to AsiaOne, the OP updated the original caption of the video saying that he was aware the bus driver had gone to “piss”. However, in his opinion, the reason didn’t make the experience any less scary.

He also told MS News that he had boarded the bus simply to experience what travelling the route would feel like. The OP described it as “a fun and thrilling experience” and encourages others to try it. He said,

I would recommend more people to go try it, if not spooky, it also shows you a different side of Singapore.

SMRT’s Service Number 975 made headlines last year when a bus driver shared a video showing how creepy it was to drive the route, which plied roads that were not lit up at night.

SMRT Driver Shows Spooky 975 Bus Route At Night, Some Roads Have No Lights

MS News has reached out to the TikTok user for more information on the incident and will update this article when he gets back.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok

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