Woodlands Cai Png Stall Offers Free Meals, Business Closing Due To Dwindling Customers

Cai Png Stall In Woodlands Industrial Area Is Closing Due To Dwindling Customer Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

As the ‘Circuit Breaker’ (CB) measures kicked in, many F&B stalls have been adversely affected, especially those located in industrial areas.

One cai png stall in Woodlands was the victim of the recent fall in footfall. In light of this, Mr Chen – the owner – has decided to close his business for good.


As a farewell gift, the stall will be handing out free meals for the next few days, according to Mr Chen’s post shared on a Facebook group for Malaysians working in Singapore.


Translation: To those still staying in Singapore, whoever’s having it hard, has no job, or nothing to eat, come look for me. I’ll treat. I’m closing the business in a few days’ time anyway. Friends who don’t mind can come over. My shop is named Yi Ping Wei and is located at 757516.

Woodlands cai png stall’s business has fallen by 75%

According to 8World News, business for 32-year-old Mr Chen’s cai png stall has fallen by 75% recently.

The stall is located in an industrial area, and the CB which kicked in last week has probably led to lesser workers in the area.


Mr Chen claims that his daily turnover now is just around $100, which makes it hard for him to carry on with the business.

Owner treats customers to free meals since he has to clear ingredients anyway

In light of this, Mr Chen decided to treat customers going through a rough patch to free meals.

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On Saturday (11 Apr), Mr Chen shared a post on a Facebook group for Malaysian working in Singapore, informing them about the initiative.

In an interview with 8World News, Mr Chen said that since he’d have to clear the ingredients anyway before closing, he’d rather serve it to those who need a meal.


He estimated that he’d be handing out meals for “2 additional days” before winding up for good. We’ve reached out to Mr Chen to clarify when the initiative will end.

Cai png stall owner used to travel between Malaysia and Singapore daily

Turns out, Mr Chen himself used to travel between Malaysia and Singapore daily prior to the Covid-19 outbreak.


As such, he is fully aware of how tough it is for those earning a living in a foreign land.

In fact, due to travel restrictions implemented by both countries, Mr Chen has apparently not been able to see his wife and daughter for more than a month.

After closing the stall, Mr Chen plans on returning to Malaysia to be by his family’s side before deciding on what to do next.

Kudos to Mr Chen for the kind initiative

Props to Mr Chen for the kind initiative, treating customers to a parting gift despite the uncertain times we are living in.

Here’s where Mr Chen’s stall is located at:

一品味 (Yi Pin Wei) Economic Rice
190 Woodlands Industrial Park E5 #01-01, Woodlands Bizhub, Singapore 757516
Opening hours: 6am-3pm


Mr Chen’s situation highlights the very real impact of the CB measures needed to curb the Covid-19 outbreak.

These are rice bowls and jobs at stake, and the longer such measures are in place, the more people are bound to be affected.

So let’s do this right the first time and adhere strictly to the social-distancing measures during the CB. The sooner we get over this, the sooner we can resume our normal lives.

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