Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre Wins Again With Response To “Be Like Bill” Meme

Policemen can be cool too ok

“Be Like Bill” memes have taken over Facebook and the rest of the internet.

You know what they are. Such memes typically encapsulate some anti-social behaviour that perfectly normal human beings engage in — humans except the hypothetical Bill.

Because Bill is smart.

Here’s an example.

Bill is also apparently one of the most passive-aggressive people in the world.

What do you get when you mix a police centre with memes?

With Chinese New Year around the corner, Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre decided to put their own spin on this now-popular meme.

5 minutes on MS Paint, and more than 1,100 shares later, the good people of Sengkang found themselves in the center of a viral meme.

But that’s not all they did to prove their internet-savviness.

Our boys in blue caught wind of the situation, and posted this comment on the image.


The 5/7 score, is of course, in reference to yet another internet phenomenon — we’ll just let you read about that one here.

Be like Bill Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre

Good job, SNPC. Good job making these distant public service messages instantly relatable.

To other public services, be like Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre.

Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre is smart.

And kids, don’t steal your Chinese New Year goodies.

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Featured Image via Sengkang Neighbourhood Police Centre

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