S’pore Cancer Patient Makes Leather Bag For Wife, It Could Be His Last Gift

Singapore Cancer Patient Handcrafts Leather Bag As Christmas Gift For His Wife

Mr Michael Lee, a 76-year-old pancreatic cancer patient at Assisi Hospice, knew that given his condition, he may not have much time to shower his wife with gifts. As such, he decided to make a leather tote bag for her for Christmas.

Source: Assisi Hospice on Facebook

Mr Lee learned how to make the bag through a leather craft interest group hosted by Assisi Hospice, a daycare centre for the elderly.

Through the programme, patients have also made other leather crafts to sell for Valentine’s Day.

Cancer patient knows bag could be last gift to his wife

In a Facebook post on 1 Feb, Assisi Hospice shared the story of Mr Lee, who recently handcrafted a leather tote bag for his wife.

Source: Assisi Hospice on Facebook

Visibly fragile from his condition, Mr Lee confessed that the process was difficult as hand-stitching requires a lot of strength.

Likely aware that he may not have such strength in the future, he expressed his hope that the bag will remind his wife of him.

Over a period of two months, Mr Lee spent two to three days at a time working on the bag, intricately cutting and measuring the materials.

With the help of the centre’s therapy aide, he was able to punch holes and stitch the leather together with a needle.

Although Mr Lee was admitted to the hospital during this period, he still managed to complete the bag by Christmas.

He gave his wife the bag during the centre’s Christmas Light-Up event, and she was extremely grateful for the gift. Recalling the exchange, Mr Lee said,

She was happy and surprised, and thanked me for all the effort.

Wife did not have a proper bag for herself

Apparently, Mr Lee decided to gift his wife a bag as she often used plastic bags to carry things whenever she went out.

Source: Assisi Hospice on Facebook

Therefore, he decided to make something “attractive, durable and practical” for her.

Besides the thoughtful gift for his wife, Mr Lee, along with other daycare patients, also make handmade leather card holders.

Source: Assisi Hospice on Facebook

The card holders, as well as other handmade products, are currently available for purchase on Assisi’s Lazada Shop for Valentine’s Day.

All proceeds from the shop will go towards providing support and care for Assisi Hospice’s daycare patients and their families.

A meaningful gift from a loved one

We’re extremely touched by Mr Lee’s love and care for his wife. Despite his condition, he poured his heart and soul into creating this beautiful gift for her.

No matter where life takes them next, we hope they’ll both treasure this meaningful memory.

We’re sure Mrs Lee appreciates the gift deeply and will always remember her husband’s effort and thought that went into it.

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Featured image adapted from Assisi Hospice on Facebook.

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