Generous Owner Offers Cash-Strapped Couple A Car Battery For Free, After They Paid In Coins & Vouchers

Couple Attempts To Pay For Car Battery With Coins & Vouchers, Generous Owner Offers It For Free

We can all relate to not having enough money to buy what we want, but what if we badly need it?

A cash-strapped Malaysian couple desperately needed a car battery worth S$54.44 (RM165) for their Proton Wira. They struggled to pay with coins and vouchers and the car shop owner – Nicky Tan – was heartbroken upon witnessing the sight.


The generous owner was not a stranger to poverty so he decided to pay for it himself. According to World of Buzz, here’s how it happened.

Generous owner offers free car battery

On Wednesday (28 Aug), Tan shared the tale through a Facebook post.

He recalls,

They gathered all the money they had which amounted to RM90, with a gift voucher and coins that made up about RM10.

It seems that the couple didn’t know the exact price of the car battery until they received the quote at the shop.


After finding out that they were short in cash, they searched the armrests and compartment of their Proton Wira to find as much money as they could.


While the woman found some coins, Tan observed that she was clutched it as if it’s all she had. He understood that the couple didn’t have much so he decided to do something for them instead.

He writes,

I told the uncle I would give them a new battery and asked them to keep the coins and RM10 for their trip back to Subang.

Couple turns down free car battery

The couple did not want to exploit Tan’s generosity so they turned down his free offer.

They explained that their financial situation was still manageable. They insisted to pay him with RM80 (S$26.39) plus free vouchers in exchange for the car battery.


According to World of Buzz, Tan said,

Even after I offered the voucher back to them, they said their daughter gave them the voucher to buy groceries and they still have a lot at home.

Generous owner relates to poverty

Money will always be important in business, however, Tan didn’t mind offering a discount.

The couple’s struggle reminded him of his own experience with poverty. He might’ve established a successful car shop though once upon a time he barely had money for food.

He wrote in the post,

I’ve been through their situation before. I’m not rich but I’m not hungry. I think I’m so blessed as it is.

His post has unexpectedly gone viral with more than 8,500 likes and 1,500 shares. Despite the praise and attention, Tan hopes that his kind gesture will inspire others to help their fellowmen regardless of their religion and race.

Be kind to fellowmen

Not many of us can opt to offer anything for free.

Even if we’re short on cash, Tan’s story reminds us to be kind to our fellowmen through small gestures. Since we each have our own burdens, treat everyone with respect and kindness.

If you see someone struggling, then don’t hesitate to offer a helping hand. When you do good things for others, it can come back to you in unexpected ways.

How have you helped your fellowmen? Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image from Facebook.

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