Man In China Drives Car Into In-Laws’ Funeral Parlour After Quarrel With Wife, Kills 1-Year-Old Son

Man Crashes Car Into In-Laws’ Funeral Parlour & Kills His Own Son

Arguments and disagreements are unavoidable in any long-term relationship. But when such conflicts arise, it’s important not to act on impulse lest we regret our actions.

Recently in China, a man drove a car into his in-laws’ funeral parlour allegedly after a heated argument with his wife.

Source: Weibo

His rash actions unfortunately caused the death of his own son, as well as a customer at the funeral parlour.

Man angered after wife brought son to in-laws’ workplace after argument

According to Headline News,  the man had gotten into an argument with his wife prior to the incident, which occurred on Wednesday (6 Sep) in Shanxi, China.

After the quarrel, the wife reportedly brought their one-year-old son to her parents’ place.

Upset with her actions, the man reportedly drove a car into the funeral parlour his in-laws owned.

A 24-second clip of the accident’s aftermath showed a car lying on its side as a crowd surrounded it.

Source: Weibo

Debris, presumably from the funeral parlour, could also be seen on the road.

1-year-old son killed in crash at funeral parlour

While the crash evidently damaged the property, one other outcome was irreparable — the death of the couple’s one-year-old son.

The young boy reportedly died in the crash that started from his own father’s anger.

Source: Weibo

A customer who happened to be at the funeral parlour at the time also met a similar fate.

Speaking to Headline News, the owner of a nearby shop said the boy was playing near the funeral parlour’s entrance when the accident occurred.

Even though the boy’s mother and grandparents were there too, they escaped relatively unscathed. Only his mother suffered injuries.

The boy’s father, the culprit, was later subdued by his father-in-law and some other passers-by.

Suspect arrested by police

On Thursday (7 Sep), the JinZhong city police issued a statement confirming the incident.

Source: Weibo

They confirmed that two individuals died in the accident. Another person suffered injuries as a result of the collision.

The police also shared that they’ve arrested the suspect responsible for the accident and that investigations are currently underway.

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