Cat falls to death from Bukit Panjang HDB, another died in same area a month ago

Cat found dead after falling from high floor of Bukit Panjang HDB

A cat was found dead on Wednesday (17 April) evening at the foot of an HDB in Bukit Panjang.

33-year-old housewife Ms Siti posted about the incident on the Complaint Singapore Facebook page, saying that the feline had fallen from a high floor.


Source: Facebook

She told MS News that she saw the cat lying on the pavement from afar and thought it was just relaxing.

Upon closer inspection, however, she noticed that the animal’s mouth was open. It was also surrounded by ants.

This was not the first time such a tragedy had happened in the area — less than two months ago, another feline fell to its death at the same HDB.

Cat found dead at same HDB on 29 Feb

In Ms Siti’s post, she said that about a month ago, a black cat wearing a pink collar fell from a height at 646A Senja Close.

Bukit Panjang HDB Cat

Image courtesy of Ms Siti

Speaking to MS News, she said that she and her husband had just returned from a baby appointment on 29 Feb when she noticed two SP Group employees under the block.

They were talking and appeared distressed.

When Ms Siti and her husband approached them, the men asked if the black cat was theirs.

She was shocked to see the dead animal lying on the ground, bleeding from its mouth.

As a cat lover who had just adopted a kitten of her own, the sight upset her.

According to the SP Group workers, they saw the cat fall from a high floor of the HDB.

It managed to get up and walk towards the unloading area before it collapsed.

Unable to locate the owner, they laid the cat to rest in a grassy area around the HDB with the help of the SP Group workers and another woman.

Image courtesy of Ms Siti

2nd dead cat found wearing similar pink collar

When she found the second dead cat on 17 April, Ms Siti recalled shouting at her husband for assistance.

As she is currently pregnant, neither she nor her husband dared to touch the feline, which she noted was also wearing a pink collar similar to the one on the black cat.

Bukit Panjang HDB Cat 2

Image courtesy of Ms Siti

Both times, Ms Siti and her husband went from floor to floor in an attempt to find the cats’ owners.

However, none of the residents admitted to owning them.

They even put up a poster about the deaths in the HDB’s letterbox area but it was suspiciously taken down on the same day.

No reports of missing cats that fit the two felines’ profiles have been made in the area.

Although she was advised to lodge a report, her husband said it would be too troublesome, so she just put up a Facebook post to create awareness.

Migrant workers help bury 2nd cat

Ms Siti and her husband buried the cat next to the other one with the help of two migrant workers.

dead cat bukit panjang

Image courtesy of Ms Siti

What raised suspicions wasn’t just the coincidence of two cats being found dead in the same location within a month.

It was also the fact that both cats were wearing identical pink collars.

dead cat bukit panjang

Image courtesy of Ms Siti

“Being a pet owner is not something we can take lightly,” Ms Siti said. “Just as we love and care for our children, pets need more attention and concern for their safety too.”

She added that she feels very sad for both cats and hopes that pet owners will be more mindful about their safety by taking precautions such as meshing windows.

“Do whatever it takes to keep them safe or give them up.”

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