Changi Airport T2 Will Close Until Nov 2021, Upgrades Could Finish Up To 1 Year Earlier

Changi Airport T2 Will Close For 18 Months Due To Covid-19

Changi Airport Group (CAG) announced today (6 Apr) that Changi Airport Terminal 2 (T2) will close from 1 May to Nov 2021 to save on operating costs.


Following travel bans and a sharp drop in passengers, Changi Airport now sits nearly deserted.

At the same time, the upgrading works which were already underway will continue.

Per Airport World, the Starbucks there was already set to shut down this month following McDonald’s closure in Jan.

Closure will save money & speed up upgrading works

Explaining the decision, CAG said 1 terminal is sufficient to handle the current amount of passengers.

The closure will save operating costs for T2, and those measures which retailers have had to take to survive there will no longer be necessary.

For instance, CAG announced that they’ll assist retailers by waiving their rent for 2 months from 24 Mar.

18 months is not a short period of time though, and air traffic may not increase later this year.

On the upside, the upgrading works on T2, which were initially going to be completed in 2024, can be reduced by up to a year, CAG noted — a silver lining in very depressing news.

Affected airlines will be moved to other terminals — the arrangements will be announced at a later date by Changi Airport.

Surreal to see a Changi Airport terminal close

We never thought the day would come when Changi Airport would have to shut down one of its terminals for non-upgrading reasons, but we’re not in a dream.

This is reality, and the only way to ensure we get back to one is by fighting Covid-19 together, and make sure we bounce back once it’s over.

At the same time, we’re glad to see that upgrading works will in fact be able to complete more speedily, meaning we can see a revamped T2 by 2023 instead.

Stay strong, Changi Airport! Singaporeans and travellers the world over are awaiting your return to glory.

Featured image adapted from Panasonic.

We Rank Social Distancing Markings Around S’pore, From Laser Tape Traps To Zebra Crossings

Because Social Distancing Markings Have Taken Over Singapore

Social distancing is now the new trend in Singapore and worldwide, as governments urge businesses to ensure people don’t stay too close to one another in their premises.

Or else they kena fine. And nobody wants that.

Of course, different places will implement restrictions depending on their needs, but some methods are just better than others, you know?

So we decided to give out grades for some of these measures. Why grading? Because nothing energises Singaporeans more than judging who is better than others.

We kid. Fighting the virus comes first, of course.

Zebra stripes


What is this even?

Grade: D, at least there was some attempt.

Urinal distancing

While this will be a godsend to guys — so other guys don’t get a peek at your goods — we thought the placement of the “X” could be a little better.


For example, they could have been inside the urinals so that guys who have trouble aiming have a target.

Just kidding. Of course we shouldn’t be using the urinals marked with an “X” in the first place.

Grade: A, we laughed.

Crossing the squares and dotting the lines

This tic-tac-toe design was found in a lift at Siglap.


It looks rather fun, but it probably makes lift rides even more awkward than they already are (“no, YOU go first!”).

Still, safety beats awkwardness.

Grade: B

Large cross for large behinds

That’s a pretty big waste of tape.


Maybe they’re trying to discourage petite people from squeezing in at the edge of the bench if the cross doesn’t cover the entire half, but still. Unnecessary usage of tape.

Grade: C+

Simple is better


Plus points for not wasting tape. Unlike some, they realise that most people will have an idea of the area that the crosses signify.

Grade: A- for saving tape. We might need more of it in the coming weeks.

Laser traps

Someone managed to come across this confusing pattern at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD).


This just reminds us of those laser beam traps we see in spy movies.


We’re still wondering where we’re supposed to stand. Are we supposed to just stand in the square right in the centre? Are we allowed to stand in the tiny triangles?

Grade: F for making us think too hard.

Ambiguous lines

It’s honestly pretty hard to tell where we should be standing.


Do we stand on the tape itself, or any area within 2 tape lines?

Thankfully, there are arrows telling us which direction to head. That gives it a pass in our book.

Grade: B-

Go out only if essential, follow social distancing markings

All images are taken from the wonderfully named Observing Safe Distance Instagram page, where they’ve collated various forms of social distancing indicators in Singapore.

But no amount of social distancing in public places can replace actually staying at home.

If you do need to go out, however, do ensure that you follow these markers. Even if they may not be not ideal.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Instagram.

RWS Closes Shows & Tours At Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A. Aquarium & Dolphin Island From 27 Mar

RWS Closes Select Attractions At Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A Aquarium & Dolphin Island From 27 Mar

Resorts World Sentosa has implemented precautionary measures to protect guests and employees from Covid-19.

On Wednesday (25 Mar), Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) announced that outdoor and indoor shows, as well as tours at Universal Studios Singapore, S.E.A Aquarium and Dolphin Island will be temporarily closed from Friday (27 Mar).


Here are more details from their official website.

RWS announced closing of tours & shows at Universal Studios Singapore & S.E.A Aquarium

MOH implemented safe distancing measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

As a result, RWS will close tours, shows and select experiences from Universal Studios Singapore, Dolphin Island, and S.E.A Aquarium.


According to their website, these include the following:

Universal Studios Singapore

1. Pantages Hollywood Theater
2. Lights, Camera, Action!
3. WaterWorld
4. Shrek 4-D Adventure
5. Donkey LIVE
6. Turntables
7. Rhythm Truck
8. The Dance for the Magic Beans
9. Madagascar Boogie!
10. Velociraptor meet & greet
11. USS VIP Tour
12. Breakfast with Sesame Street character

S.E.A. Aquarium

1. Open Ocean Habitat feeding session
2. Shark Seas feeding session
3. Coral Garden feeding session
4. Shipwreck Habitat feeding session
5. Dolphin chit chat programme
6. SEAA VIP Tour
7. Up-Close Encounter programme
8. Dive programmes

Hotels & eateries to remain open

RWS hotels, restaurants, and select attractions will remain open so guests can continue to have an enjoyable and safe stay at the resort.

Since the Covid-19 outbreak is far from over, the company has launched additional precautionary measures.


Here’s a list of their enhanced initiatives:

  • 11 thermal scanners are stationed resort-wide for efficient screening of guests at entry points. Employees and staff undergo temperature screening twice-daily.
  • Guests can have easy access to 270 hand sanitisers resort-wide.
  • 1m separation from others in dining areas, queue lines and others for safe distancing measures. Seating at staff dining areas is up to 2-metres apart.
  • Increased sanitisation, cleaning, and disinfection of guest areas by up to 700%.
  • Mandatory travel declarations from guests and employees.
  • Promotion of TraceTogether mobile app to guests for improved contact-tracing.
  • Reduction of face-to-face meetings among staff.

Practice good personal hygiene

RWS also encouraged guests to follow the Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines to stay safe.

Like most of us, they are encouraged to wash hands regularly and avoid touching their face.


Those with fever, runny nose and cough must wear a mask. If they feel unwell, then they are encouraged to approach staff to seek medical attention.

Frontline employees also have access to masks and can provide masks to guests that need them. The staff is also advised to monitor their health.

Once they feel unwell, they must seek out a doctor and not report for work.

Stay safe everyone

RWS is among many other venues who’ve had to implement closures in light of MOH’s latest sanctions.

While some of us may find these measures drastic and disruptive, remember that this is only a temporary phase.

As soon as the Covid-19 outbreak ends, we can hang out with friends, visit a variety of places, and return to our normal routine.

Featured image from Sentosa. 

Grounded Planes At Changi Airport Is An Unnerving Sight, Highlights Severity Of Covid-19 Situation

Travel Ban Makes Changi Airport Deserted, Planes Are Grounded With Nowhere To Fly To

Since the ban on short-term visitors into Singapore, the usually-bustling Changi Airport has been eerily deserted.

Then came the news that Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Scoot would be grounding nearly all of their flights.

SIA Grounds 138 Of 147 Planes Amidst Covid-19 Border Controls, Management To Take Pay Cuts

Combine the 2 and we now have planes with ‘clipped’ wings as well as an empty airport. It’s truly unnerving to see, as we’re so used to Changi serving millions of passengers a year.

Grounded planes break hearts of aviation fans

Planes now have nowhere to go following travel bans across many countries, including Singapore.

A user on Facebook shared a heartbreaking scene of several grounded planes at Changi Airport, lamenting the effect Covid-19 has had.


In our efforts to battle Covid-19, a casualty has undoubtedly been the airplanes we use for travelling.


If planes could feel, they’d probably be pretty sad at the moment.

Image courtesy of an MS News Reader

Even before the ban on short-term visitors to Singapore, there were already many grounded planes thanks to the escalating crisis.


One can only hope that the travel restrictions will be lifted sooner rather than later, as planes are meant for flying after all.

Deserted airport as barely anyone is travelling during Covid-19

Changi Airport is nearly deserted — a huge contrast to the bustling airport it usually is.

A picture by Patrick Pang on Instagram outlines the stark reality for Singapore at the moment.


Where one would normally be trapped in a long wait during check-in, the desks were unsettlingly empty.

A video taken of the airport on Monday (23 Mar) makes for even scarier watching.

The same was observed outside the Departure Hall, with no cars in sight.


This may well be the new normal if Covid-19 isn’t controlled any time soon.

Singapore aviation facing big challenge

Singapore’s reliance on being a travel hub across the Asia-Pacific region means Covid-19 has done a number on industries that rely on tourism.

Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines especially have borne the brunt of the impact, with pay cuts announced for upper-level management.

For everyone’s sake, we hope we can fight off Covid-19 soon.

Featured image adapted from Instagram and Facebook.

Meidi-Ya At Liang Court Closing On 31 Mar, You Can Still Get Japanese Products At Great World City

Liang Court’s Meidi-Ya Moving Out On 31 Mar Due To Mall Redevelopment, Catch Them At Great World City

When news hit that Liang Court had been bought over last year, many were hit with pangs of nostalgia.

Their Japanese-focused stores like bookstore Kinokuniya and supermarket Meidi-Ya were familiar sights to those living and working nearby, and when the former moved out, we knew the rest would soon follow.

And so, a year later, Meidi-Ya at Liang Court is finally making their swansong on Tuesday (31 Mar).


But there’s some good news for fans, as those who would get their kitchen essentials from Meidi-Ya can head over to their store at nearby Great World City.

Meidi-Ya shutting on 31 Mar due to mall redevelopment

In their statement, Meidi-Ya management explained that they had to close by March due to the mall’s redevelopment.


Liang Court had been bought over last year, in a project aimed at revamping the Clarke Quay area. As such, tenants had to move out by the end of this month, reported The Straits Times (ST).

Having moved into Liang Court in 2003, Meidi-Ya will be familiar to many who frequent the area for Japanese products and kitchen essentials.


Even those not from the area may have wanted to grab something from the supermarket, as there were products imported from Japan that weren’t sold elsewhere.


Of course, now there’s Don Don Donki and other speciality Japanese stores in Singapore. But back then, Meidi-Ya was neat for Japanese expatriates, locals and others alike.

Great World City still has Meidi-Ya

For your Meidi-Ya fix, you can still head over to Great World City after 31 Mar.


This goes doubly so for fans of persimmons, Japan’s national fruit.

While we bid a tearful farewell to one of Liang Court’s biggest tenants, it’s good to know that they’re still alive and kicking in Singapore.

Here’s how you can get to Meidi-Ya at Great World City:

Great World City Meidi-Ya 

Address: 1 Kim Seng Rd, #B2-111 to #B2-121, Singapore 237994
Contact No: +65 6771 1111
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun (10am-10pm)
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru MRT Station

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Google Maps.

19 S’pore Mosques To Provide Small Prayer Spaces From 23-26 Mar For Workers Who Need Them

Select Mosques To Provide Prayer Spaces Before Official Reopening Following Covid-19 Closure

The closure of mosques island-wide following the discovery of Covid-19 cases at several of them dampened many Singaporeans’ spirits.

More inconvenient perhaps was the suspension of Friday prayers and the unavailability of prayer spaces for those who need them.

Understanding the public’s plight, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) will be opening parts of 19 mosques as prayer spaces to workers in the different vicinities.

Starting tomorrow (23 Mar), workers can use these spaces within a set period of time and following certain guidelines.


The facilities will be available until mosques officially reopen on Friday (27 Mar).

Strict guidelines for usage of prayer spaces in mosques

Workers such as taxi, private hire or delivery drivers and food delivery riders who don’t have an office space often visit mosques to perform their prayers.

Knowing that the closure affects them most, MUIS is implementing a temporary measure. They announced it in a Facebook post today (22 Mar).


Besides designating a small area only, MUIS will put in place precautionary measures for the usage of the space.

All visitors will have to declare their travel history, provide contact details for tracing and take their temperature before entering.

A maximum of 20 people can be in the space at any one time, and they’ll have to keep a 1-metre distance all around themselves. There’ll be no congregational praying as the space is meant for individuals only.

Everyone will also have to bring their own prayer items such as prayer mats and garments for the ladies.

19 small prayer spaces around Singapore

The prayer spaces will be available in several areas around Singapore, for easy access.

The mosques in the following areas will open prayer spaces between 1.15pm and 6pm on 23 to 26 Mar:


Workers from the office buildings or industrial areas in the East will surely be thankful. Likewise for those in the far West.


Mosques in the North closer to residential areas will also provide prayer spaces.


Though Masjid Al-Istiqamah was among the mosques visited by Covid-19 patients, the premises have undergone thorough disinfection and should be safe for use.

A welcome change leading to mosques reopening

While the regulated prayer spaces will be a different experience than usual, the move is still very much welcomed by many Muslims in Singapore.

Those who need a conducive space to pray in can now have options, while those who miss visiting the mosques can drop by if they have to.

With mosques set to reopen on Friday (27 Mar), we’ll have to see what other measures MUIS has in place and whether they will affect congregational prayers.

Featured image adapted from MUIS on Facebook and AF.Xpress on Twitter.

JB Malls Look Like Ghost Towns On 18 Mar After M’sia Lockdown, No Traces Of Shopping Crowds

JB Malls Look Eerily Empty After Malaysia Lockdown

For avid shoppers who regularly cross the Causeway to snag sweet deals at Johor Bahru (JB) shopping malls, seeing large crowds is a normal scene.

But things were different early today (18 Mar), following the Movement Control Order that came into effect.

With strict advice to stay indoors, the usually bustling malls became empty, a far cry from what many of us recognise.

Shuttered stores & no human traffic at malls during lockdown

Void of shoppers milling about the different levels, JB City Square Mall looks like the setting of an apocalyptic movie.

Image courtesy of Singapore Atrium Sale

All the stores were closed, save for the lone Guardian pharmacy, as per government orders.

Despite the closure, a few humans were still there, probably to get some health essentials or enjoy some aircon.

Image courtesy of Singapore Atrium Sale

In case the emptiness still doesn’t strike you, here’s a picture of the mall on a regular day, with operational stores and shoppers.


While this sighting was only at City Square, we’re certain other malls across JB are witnessing the same phenomenon.

Eateries open but with no dine-in customers

Over at the food places which remain open, the absence of chairs for people to sit in is tangible proof of the extent of the lockdown.


Not hearing the low murmurs of hungry patrons and the clanging of cutlery must be an odd experience for food sellers.

At least business is still on for many of them, who can continue selling their food, albeit only for takeaway orders.


Despite the continued operations, there’s no doubt that sales would likely be a lot slower over the next 2 weeks.

Empty streets & public places for 2 weeks

As many residents begin to abide by strict orders from the government, empty streets and public places will become the new norm, at least till 31 Mar.

Though facing this disruption to daily activities may be inconvenient to some, it’s done with everybody’s health and safety in mind.

Let’s hope that Malaysia’s drastic measures will help control Covid-19 infections there, so life can return to normal.

Featured image adapted from Singapore Atrium Sale on Facebook.

M’sia Has An IG-Worthy Hello Kitty Playground Just A Bus Ride Away, For Those Who Miss JB Sanrio Town

Paradigm Mall JB’s Hello Kitty Sweet Escape Event Lets You Work Off School Stress This Mar Holidays

Quite a number of people were saddened by news that Johor Bahru’s (JB) Sanrio Hello Kitty Town closed down on 31 Dec last year.

But there’s short – yet still sweet – relief coming up for those who may not have gotten the chance to visit the pink wonderland before.

Paradigm Mall in JB will be running a Hello Kitty-themed playland plus fun-filled events that’ll be a nice relief from work and life in general.

A giant Hello Kitty-shaped arch welcomes visitors as they prepare to step into the realm of cuteness.

For those who may be hesitant, rest assured that Paradigm Mall JB is taking active measures to clean and sanitise the playland to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

Children will also have their temperature taken before stepping into the play area, to ensure everyone is safe amid the ongoing. Of course, those who are unwell won’t be allowed into the area.

Sugary decor for the sweet-toothed

As the title suggests, the Hello Kitty Sweet Escape decoration consists of various desserts — from doughnuts to cakes and macarons.

While they’re not edible, they’ll certainly work up an appetite and get you craving for some sweet treats — or at least put a sweet smile on your face.

You’ll also get to witness a stunning display of a Macaron Cake — officially hailed as the Tallest Macaron Replica Tower in the country by the Malaysia Book of Records.

Malaysia Book of Records marketing solutions director Mr Jwan Heah Yeow Hooi (right) handing over the certificate to Paradigm Mall JB general manager Ms Catherina Quek.

Behold, the cake in all its glory. Or better yet, head down to see it with your own eyes.

Insta-worthy playground for kids & children at heart

Devotees of the Hello Kitty Temple will be glad to note that the Sweet Escape event will feature a very pink play area, with rides for little ones.

One of the highlights includes the carousels, which may not induce thrill but might just get a rush from the kids.

There’s also a see-saw, as a representation of how one can never achieve work-life balance. You just gotta ensure both sides have some weight.

Paradigm Mall might just be the stage for your next insta-op with these decorations and rides.

Pop-up store with Hello Kitty goodies

Nothing screams Hello Kitty fandom like the myriad of goodies one can adorn all over your person.

This Hello Kitty paradise features limited-edition plushies, bags, water bottles, tote bags, clothes, and even more.

Even if you’re not a fanatic, you might just turn into one after seeing this display. And for those who are, surely this is heaven.

Colouring & painting for the kids

It’s said that activities like painting and colouring stimulate creativity of young minds. There’s also an avenue for parents to supervise their children through paint-by-numbers workshops.

These activities are available at the following times:

Meanwhile, colouring activities are available from 10am until closing time throughout the event.


Exclusive gifts are up for grabs — snag a sweet exclusive Hello Kitty Drawstring Pouch with S$98.30 (RM300) minimum spend, with a maximum of 3 combined receipts in a single day.

Meanwhile, WCT Buddy members need only spend S$81.93 (RM250) to redeem the pouch, though the maximum of 3 combined receipts in a day condition still applies.

Those who fancy a mug instead can aim a little higher — an exclusive Premium Mug can be yours if you spend S$163.88 (RM500) with a maximum of 5 combined receipts on the same day.

However, WCT Buddy members can spend just S$147.51 (RM450) with a maximum of 5 combined receipts on the same day, and they’ll have a cutesy mug to bring home.

Hello Kitty Sweet Escape Event from now till 29 Mar

This Mar holidays, there’s finally a place that’ll fill the void in your heart left behind when Hello Kitty Town in JB closed its doors.

Bring your friends and loved ones for a fun-filled sweet adventure at Paradigm Mall.

Location: Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru, Main Atrium Ground Floor
Address: Jalan Skudai, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 7-2313 800
Website: Paradigm Mall JB
Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily.

Paradigm Mall JB is about an hour’s drive away from the Woodlands Checkpoint. You’re recommended to head to JB Sentral Bus Terminal and take a bus as an alternative to driving.


This post is brought to you in collaboration with Paradigm Mall JB.

All images courtesy of Paradigm Mall JB, unless otherwise stated.

Health & Beauty Fair At FairPrice Xtra Has 1-for-1 Deals, Free Gifts & Gift Vouchers

FairPrice Xtra Has 1-For-1 Deals On Shampoo, Toothpaste & Facial Cream Till 18 Mar

Everyone has their own thoughts about how to protect themselves from Covid-19 — your family chats probably have a million different techniques or remedies to rid oneself of pesky viruses. But really, the best way is through staying clean and making sure you adopt hygienic practices.

Of course, keeping your skin looking fresh remains important in this climate. We can’t neglect taking care of our looks, after all.

So, FairPrice Xtra’s Health & Beauty Fair (Haba Fair) has all the items you’ll need to keep clean, and then some, from now till 25 Mar.

Getting these necessities at the fair comes with perks like 1-for-1 deals until 18 Mar, free gifts and even gift vouchers!

Check out some of what you can expect to find below.

Stay germ-free with anti-bacterial soap & refreshing toothpaste

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, health consciousness is now the in-thing. You might argue that washing one’s hands should always be a trend in general, but that’s beside the point.

The important part is that people are becoming more health-conscious, and the HABA Fair is a good place to start if you’d like to stock up on goods like hand sanitiser and soap.

Lifebuoy’s anti-bacterial handwash will ensure that you stay well-protected from not just Covid-19 but also pesky ailments like seasonal flus.

Hygiene also consists of brushing your teeth twice daily — this is non-negotiable if you don’t want hefty dental fees or bad breath.

Until 18 Mar, you can get a sweet 1-for-1 deal on Colgate Naturals Real White or Darlie Double Action toothpaste, so that’s your dental hygiene sorted.

Get the right product for your hair & body

Softer hair with no dandruff is the goal of any human being, and unless you’re blessed with good genes, hair care is a must.

Depending on your hair type, Sunsilk’s range of shampoo and conditioner options is effective yet tailored to your needs.

And of course you can’t forget some body soap while taking a shower. Velvy’s Goat Milk Shower Cream is perfect for those who prefer smooth skin like a baby’s.

The best part is that FairPrice Xtra is offering 1-for-1 on both of these products until Wednesday (18 Mar), so it does pay to be an early bird.

Free $10 FairPrice gift voucher with min. $70 spend

Gift vouchers are a wondrous invention and arguably the perfect present for when you’re unsure as to what to get someone.

The answer is: Treat yourself. You deserve more. And so FairPrice will give you a free $10 FairPrice gift voucher if you spend more than $70 in a single receipt on participating brands, which can be used at any FairPrice outlet.


Don’t say no one treat you, hor.

Plus, if you spend a minimum of $35 on L’Oreal, Garnier, and Maybelline products, you can get this L’Oreal Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence (22ml) worth $9, free.

Spin the wheel with min. $30 spend

Luck favours those who try more and believe — that’s just probability speaking. So why not have a go at the wheel with numerous offers and prizes to be won?

All you have to do is spend more than $30 in a single receipt on participating brands for 1 chance at winning big. Pretty simple stuff.

HABA Fair at all FairPrice Xtra outlets from 12-25 Mar

All 8 FairPrice Xtra outlets will be having the fair, ensuring close proximity wherever you live.

Look out for these FairPrice Xtra outlets:

  • AMK Hub
  • Changi Business Park
  • Hougang 1
  • Jem
  • Jurong Point (JP2)
  • Kallang Wave
  • nex
  • VivoCity

Since you’ll never need to travel too far for a FairPrice Xtra outlet, there’s no excuse to take care of yourself.

*Promotions are while stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with FairPrice Xtra.

Photography by Clement.

Free Entry To Sentosa Extended Till End-June, Will Cover Mar & Jun Holidays

Free Entry To Sentosa Previously Announced For Mar Holidays Only

With the Covid-19 outbreak, many Singaporeans are cancelling their overseas trip. Those who planned on travelling are now also hesitant about doing so.

While overseas travel might be a no-no for many of us, there remain many gems in Singapore for us to rediscover.

One of the attractions is the resort island of Sentosa.


In a bid to attract more local visitors, Sentosa is extending its free entry promotion till 30 Jun.

Free entry to Sentosa will save visitors $2-$6

Back in Feb, the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) announced that they will be offering free entry to the island during the Mar holidays.


This came amid a drop in number of visitors and sales between 20% and 50%.

Back then, SDC mentioned that the promotion might be extended “if the situation does not improve”. Looks like that’s clearly the case — bad news for them, but looks like we’re in luck.

Entry to the island ranges between $2 and $6. Normally, entrance fee is free if you decide to brave the 670-metre broadway, but hey, ain’t nobody got time for that.


With the extension, visitors will be able to enter the island for a grand total of $0 till 30 June.

This means entry to the island will also be free throughout the Mar and Jun holidays. Who said remaining in Singapore necessarily equates to stay at home zo bo?

Lots of Sentosa attractions also running their own promotions

If you and your ‘lil ones haven’t been to Sentosa in ages, here’s an update — it ain’t just for Pokémon Go trainers eager to fill their Pokédex.

From trilling fun at the Universal Studios Singapore (USS) to educational excursions at the S.E.A Aquarium to no-frill picnics at one of the beaches, Sentosa island has something for every family.

S.E.A Aquarium 

Adding on to the appeal, many of Sentosa’s attractions are also running promotions of their own, so you’ll be able to combo both promo to your wallet’s delight.

Universal Studios S’pore Has Free 6-Month Unlimited Entry If You Buy 1-Day Ticket By 12 Apr

If you’ve yet to make plans for your ‘lil ones during the school holidays, perhaps you should consider heading down to Sentosa.

After all, with all the promotions going on, you’ll be able to enjoy quality time with your ‘fam without breaking the bank. What’s not to like about that?

Having said that, do observe good hygiene practices during your time there. The worst thing that anyone hopes for is for the youngins to contract the coronavirus during their school holidays.

Featured image adapted from Facebook


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