Woman Wants Cheating BF To Pay Back Her $4k, Man Wants Another Chance

Woman Wants Money Back From Cheating Partner How hard is it to take care of a baby when your partner doesn’t want to take responsibility? On Thursday (1 Nov), a netizen publicly shared her struggles with a cheating partner. Ms TingTing claims that “Caesar” - believed to be her partner - did...

Beautician Refutes Claims Of “Lousy Service” As Customer Arrived 15 Min Late

The beautician claims the T&Cs were on her Instastory highlights all along.

Kind M’sian Couple Handed 5RM By S’porean Couple For Changing Flat Tyre

A Singaporean couple acted questionably towards a Malaysian couple who went out of their way to help with their flat tyre in Johor Bahru.

Man Allegedly Pays $27 For A Full Tank Of Petrol, Pisses Off Cyberspace

He Allegedly Claimed He Only Wanted 1/3 Tank On Monday (15 Oct), a netizen witnessed a man allegedly paying $27 for $90 worth of petrol at Esso Telok Blangah. In a Facebook post that has now gone viral, she says that an uncle had a dispute with the petrol cashier. We...

Bus Cuts 3 Lanes In 3 Seconds To Get To Bus Stop

Bus Driver Then Found Out That The Bus Stop Was Actually Empty Changing lanes can be quite a pain in the ass in Singapore, where many motorists 'die-die' refuse to give way. But like other things in life, size plays a significant role on the roads as well. In this case,...

Man Tries To Scam Netizen Into Handing Over Phone Using Google Maps

A netizen took to Facebook to warn other users of a phone scammer who used Google Maps disgused as a phone locator to scam others of their handphones.

Ready, Set, Fight! Uncles’ Coffee Shop Brawls Go Viral

Two Separate Coffee Shop Brawls On Same Day Another week, another brawl. This time, it involves 2 separate fights in different coffee shops last Wednesday (10 Oct). The two isolated incidents were posted on Facebook and have since gone viral. Round 1 The first video starts off with two men - one in...



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