S’pore Junior Doctor Says Healthcare Workers Need Better Support, ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ Aren’t Enough

An Instagram campaign thanking frontliners is unhelpful, they say.

Clementi Seafood Stall Charges $67 For 5 Prawns, Boss Says Customer Was Informed Of...

The prawns were imported and cost $55 per kg, according to the stall owner.

BMTC Shares Photos Of Recruits’ First Night, Parents Appreciate Seeing What Their Sons Do

Getting their bedsheets ready, shaving their heads, and calling home for the first time.

Doggo Flies SIA In Cabin With Owner, Enjoys The Good Life In Business Class

The goodest boy got a well-deserved travel upgrade.

Boon Keng Eatery Struggles With Slow Business, S’poreans Turn Up To Show Their Support

Differently-abled staff touched by heartwarming gesture.

Sun Xueling Accidentally Brings Daughter’s Homework To Work, Netizens Worry For Child In School

We wonder if the press conference files are with her daughter.

Botanic Gardens Otter Pups Look Afraid Of Water, Reminds Us Of Our Young Selves

The parent eventually dragged the last 2 pups into the water.

Pocari Sweat 2.4KM Challenge Postponed To 13-14 Nov Due To Rise In Covid-19 Cases

Some claimed that Commandos could hit that timing easily.


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