10 Unique Features That Make Changi Airport #1 In The World


Changi Airport Is The Best

On 1 July 1981, the very first flight to Changi Airport, SQ101, touched down from Malaysia — making Singapore’s dream of having its own airport a reality.

Almost 40 years later, Singapore is recognised as the #1 airport for the 4th-straight year, despite us being one of the 20 smallest countries in the world.

Wonder how we landed this award? Wonder no more. Here are some reasons why our airport has made its name worldwide, with the help of alliteration:

1. Wonderful Wi-Fi

Sure, many airports all over the world offer free wi-fi to its frequenters. But Changi Airport takes it to the next level by offering the use of Internet-enabled computers for free.

computers free changi airport best


Worried that your phone battery will drain whilst basking in the presence of the complimentary wi-fi? Don’t fret, there are also up to 800 free charging stations planted all over the different terminals.

charging free changi airport


These services are not always available in other airports out there, making it difficult for passengers with long transits. Looks like Changi Airport’s approach to pampering visitors is obviously working.

2. ‘Mazing Movies

Who would’ve thought that you could Netflix and chill at the airport? Although some look forward to catching the latest movies during their flights, others aren’t fortunate enough to have that privilege.

The solution? Free screenings at the airport movie theatre.

changi airport movie theatre best


Singapore is one of the few airports that provide such a service for its passengers. In other words, Changi Airport knows what it’s doing.

3. Nature’s Nearby

After all the talk about the need to treasure our endangered species, it’s amazing that Changi Airport prioritises the preservation of nature, in all of its beauty.

Behold, the very first butterfly garden created in an airport:

butterfly garden changi airport best


 That’s not all. Changi Airport boasts of various gardens such as the sunflower garden located in Terminal 2:

changi airport sunflower garden best


Not only do these gardens provide scenic views for Instaworthy photos, they are the perfect spots to bring children for a fresh breath of the outdoors after being confined in their airplane seats for prolonged periods of time.

cactus garden changi airport


changi airport orchid garden


tree garden airport


4. Beloved Beds

Think back to your secondary school camping days, where you had no choice but to sleep on hard concrete. Sometimes, sleeping in other airports during long transits can very much feel like that.

uncomfortable naps airport


So it’s definitely comforting for passengers to know that Changi Airport has designated resting areas that have reclining chairs, deeming it as one of the best airports to take a nap during a dreaded long transit.

rest areas changi airport


Let’s not forget that they are also free-of-charge. Here are their locations:

Terminal 1: Snooze Lounge, Transit East, Level 3, Transit Area

Terminal 2 : Sanctuary Lounge, Transit North Pier, opposite E5, Transit Area; Oasis Lounge, Transit North Pier, Opp E11, Transit Area

Terminal 3: Snooze Lounge, Transit North Mezzanine, near to Singapore Food Street, Transit Area

5. Terrific Tours

Take a little trip around Singapore town in a Singapore city bus. Sound familiar? Well, Singapore is actually one of the few airports in the world that offer not only one, but two free tours for passengers in transit.

The City Lights and Heritage tour allows passengers gawk at the grandeur of the city or explore the historical sites around the country. This is accompanied by well-trained tour guides, assuring visitors of a high-quality experience.

Here are some photos taken by tourists on one of the tours:

tours changi airport best


tours changi airport best


Since not many airports grant passengers such an opportunity, this service places Changi Airport much higher in the ranks. Good job, Changi!

For more information, click here.

6. Games Galore

Missing your XBOX 360 and Playstation back home? Changi Airport has got your back with its Entertainment Deck. It even comes with an XBOX Kinect!

entertainment deck changi airport


Gaming consoles not for you? Well, Changi Airport is the only airport with a LAN gaming cafe in transit.

lan gaming changi airport


7. Sports Stop

For all the sports lovers out there, you haven’t been forgotten. It’s at Changi Airport that you’ll get to catch up on the latest football matches at the Xperience Zone at Terminal 2.

sports lounge changi airport


Or, if you need to move around a little, there’s also a free swimming pool for you to take a refreshing dip to get rid of all that travelling stress.

swimming pool changi airport


8. Art Attack

It’s very easy to overlook the aesthetics of any airport when you are in a rush. However, there’s something about Changi Airport’s artistic structures that make it hard to look away.

The “Kinetic Rain” installation is particularly enticing, especially since it is the largest kinetic structure in the entire world.

art changi airport


Find it at Terminal 1’s Departure Hall or watch the entire display here:

Another famous sculpture is “Going Home” located at Terminal 3’s Arrival Hall, which serves as a reminder of the importance of family and that feeling of going home to yours.

going home changi airport


If you’re more of a hands-on person, Changi Airport has art rubbing stations in ALL three of its terminals. Perfect for some family crayon time!

changi airport art


Here are the locations:

Terminal 1: Viewing Mall, Level 3, Public Area

Terminal 2: Departure Transit Lounge South, next to the Orchid Garden, Level 2, Transit Area

Terminal 3: Next to the Fountain area, Level B2, Public Area; Departure Transit Lounge North, Outside gate holdroom B1-B4, Level 2, Transit Area

We think it’s wonderful that Changi Airport is taking the appeal of the arts so seriously, definitely much more than other airports out there.

9. Maximum Mugging

To many foreigners, encountering students studying at airports is rather strange. However, Changi Airport has picked up on Singapore’s obsession with studying, and houses many studying spots perfect for the everyday mugger, unlike other airports in the world. Here are some of the best spots to study!


This quiet cafe offers free wi-fi and charging ports, perfect for the everyday mugger. Located at Level 2 of Terminal 3, this 24-hour cafe is sure to help keep students awake and undisturbed.

study changi airport


Krispy Kreme

The outlet is located at Terminal 2 and open 24/7 as well, with welcoming staff to serve any midnight study cravings.

study changi airport


With a plethora of food chains and open spaces available for students to study and/or relax, no wonder Changi Airport doesn’t appeal only to travellers.

10. Shiok Shopping

Avid shoppers almost always look forward to the “NO GST”, duty-free deals during transit. At Terminal 2, The Shilla Duty Free store hosts 180 brands, making it one of the most accessible shopping stops.

shopping changi airport


If you thought it couldn’t get any easier than this, Changi Airport has tax-free online shopping booths at all three terminals.

shopping changi airport


It’s no wonder that Changi Airport is considered one of the best airports in the world to shop, according to Skytrax.

Changi Airport’s Achievements

As Singaporeans who grew up frequenting Changi Airport, we tend to take for granted how well-kept and developed our airport is. In total, the airport has won over 500 awards as of 2015 and yet still undergoes numerous renovations to better their services.

One of them is the development of the new Terminal 4, which you can read about here: The New Changi Airport Terminal 4 Is Basically Jaw-Dropping.

As we anticipate the upgrade of Changi Airport, we send our heartfelt thanks to those who painstakingly designed and built this airport to be the best in the entire world.

Featured image from hir.ma.




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